they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Monday, April 26, 2010


I wish you didn't affect me at all.
You always call yourself the bad guy, and you know what ?
You are.

I used to think I wasn't good enough for you.
But I've grown to realise something.
You're not good enough for me.

I am done believing I'm the one making mistakes.
I'm not. I am not being deceitful on purpose.
You are.

Sometimes, I wish I could walk away from you.
Like all those times you threatened to walk away from me.
But I don't.

One day, I'll wake up and feel differently.
One day, I will walk away, because I don't want to be here anymore.
One day, you'll realise all of this.

And by the time you do, it'll be too late..

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