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Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 4 - Your sibling/closest relative


Dearest brother, you will never know how much pride I feel when people realise we're siblings. It always comes as a surprise to them, because we don't look alike. I remember as children how our parents made us dress in identical outfits, because we looked like twins. They thought it was a humorous idea, we did not. We haven't always got along, and had great differences between us, but we're siblings and that's just what happens. No matter how angry we get at each other, the next day we're perfectly fine. You're not only my brother, but one of my closest friends. I miss seeing you every day at home, and I wish you could move back in. I liked the way you used to call me when you were bored so we could catch up and talk about nothing. It was the best. And let's face it, you're clearly the smarter, taller, funnier, more popular sibling. People take an instant shine to you. You're naturally good at everything, which always made me feel like I was a sucky person. I remember the countless bike rides we'd go for in summer, and the times you practiced tennis with me, even though I really suck and you won all the time. Even if I'm embarrassing, you still hang out with me and aren't ashamed to admit we're family. I know you look out for me all the time, even though it's secretly in the background. I do the same for you. You're my favourite member of the family and I love you.

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