they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 18 - The person you wish you could be.

Dear Future Me.

First and foremost, stop being slack. Look at yourself. You have to write THREE posts in the one night because you didn't do them when you were supposed to ! Silly girl. And for goodness sake, clean your room once in a while. That mess gets beyond ridiculous and you always lose stuff. Knock it off. Be more punctual. It's not that hard to show up to places on time for once. Be more careful with your money too. You spend it way too carelessly and wonder why you have no savings. Give up on the gossip thing. It's pathetic and low. You have better things to do with yourself than worry about other people's lives. Take a chance every now and again. Live a little more often, and love with your whole heart. No matter what goes on in life, you'll get hurt. But it's your choice to wallow over it or move on with things. Move on with things ! I know you don't take anything for granted as is, but please make sure you keep that going. It's terribly awful to see people waste away what they have because they don't realise it until it's gone. Don't ever turn into one of them. Let people love you. I know you're afraid of letting them down or hurting them, but people want to care for you because they love you just as you love them. Make the most of it.
Oh, and do me a massive favour please ? Go back to being fearless and courageous. I liked you far better when you had a spine.

Your old self.

On a side note: I was going to write three posts tonight to make up for the fact that my social life on weekends leaves no time for myself, but I've decided otherwise. I'm going to sleep instead, in my nicely clean room, with my cuddle toy, and dream of happy things. I wish I could sleep next to my boyfriend, but alas, having jobs prevents such happiness. Then again, the excitement I feel when the weekends begin is unbelievable. I love the way he excites me (:

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