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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 24 - The person who gave you your favourite memory;

I've lived 22 years of life, and there are still many more to come. I can't possibly pick one single moment in time. I'm sure the single happiest day of my life is yet to happen. I'll continue to wish for it until it happens. I'll dot down a variety of the happiest moments of my life to date.

The day my parents finalised their divorce.

When I finally understood the true meaning of the word Love, and the first time I said it with meaning.

20 February 2007 - "I cherish my loss, a gentle reminder; life is unkind, at the best of times."

My attendance at the very first Soundwave festival.

The endless times I went to Fowlers to see Her Latest Flame play.

My first job, and pay cheque.

Year 12 Graduation from St Mary's College.

The reaction my mother had plastered on her face the first time she saw me with chemically straightened hair.

Drunken bathroom promises with Celeste.

That first kiss.

Each and every time I've seen Angus & Julia Stone on stage in front of my eyes and within arms reach.

When I finally realised that my weaknesses do not make me a weak person, they're there to remind me to strive to become the best I can be.

That night I watched The Shawshank Redemption in my new house.

I broke my nose, for the second time, at a Her Latest Flame gig.

9 piercings, 2 tattoos and I remember the day I got each of them. Many more still to come (:

Very, very, verrrrry, drunk times in New York Club.

The first time I had my nails done professionally.

That first date.

When I read the last and final chapter of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

Everything that rocked about being a kid in the 90's.

When I finally learnt how to fight for and defend what/who I love.

That park and those swings.

Someone who I love very deeply became the person I always knew they could be.

Michael once played the piano for me and it almost brought me to tears.

Each of Ryan's hugs have become greater and more loving. I remember all of them.

I spent a weekend away with the Capulet boys filming their official video clip for their band.

The earliest memory I have - 5 years old, first wobbly tooth, father yanked it out with string, blood spilled every where, and I lost my tooth.

The whole experience in relation to having my two wisdom teeth pulled out. The most exciting medical procedure I've had.

I'll never forget the love I have for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Playing the new Sims 3 was an experience and a half. Simply amazed me.

All those crazy nights I stayed up txting Michael until 4am while he was at work.

After watching Queen of the Damned for the first time, I fell in love with vampires [not the Edward Cullen type].

The fantastically spontaneous time I had at Schoolies.

The extreme happiness I felt throughout 2009. I need to get back who I was from that year.

My cousins and I spent a night eating nothing but chocolate and taking stupid photos. I'll never forget that.

Making constant wishes as a child for silly things like a Barbie camper van.

That deaf man from Hungry Jack's. He'll always make me smile, even if he's just a memory.

There was a period of time where my boyfriend cheated on me. I'm so glad that I learnt that boys are just that - boys. I stood up for myself and demanded to be treated the way I should be. I am now (:

Michael took me on a date to China Town, where we had ramen and took photos in Morning Glory's photo booths, and then later relaxed under the sun at the beach.

Save Yourself - Sense Field. That song taught me in 3 minutes that self respect is far greater than being a tramp.

When I was younger, I couldn't read in 24 hours, but my brother taught me a useful trick and now I can read the time no matter the format.

Year 8 English taught me that no matter how damn cold it is in the mornings, with a limerick and matching dance moves, you can warm up and be comfortable.

You made me listen to a song, in the middle of the food court, at Marion. That song changed things forever more.

My uncle's wedding was spectacular.

More Than Life - Whitley. This song taught me the true meaning of happiness and love. Listen to it. Really. Do it. There was even a moment in my life where I thought I had found my "home". Stupid mistake to think such a thing but nonetheless, a good memory.

Street Fighter II was the very first SNES game I ever played. I dominated for a child, and I still kick butt.

Super Smash nights. Everyone chills out and play a few intense rounds of the game.

That overwhelming feeling when I realised I was ready to commit to another person.

There's obviously more than that to my life, but that's all I could manage to think of during my 8 hours at work today. Quite constructive work today, I think (:

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." ~ Oscar Wilde.

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  1. i love Angus and Julia stone a lot

    haha and i have a secret crush on Angus shh..

    and love the Oscar wilde quote too ♥

    I am Jasmine from Malaysia

    and nice to know you :)