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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ideas don't count until you do them;

That's what I saw on a poster at work today. It's supposed to motivate us to turn ideas into actions. Or whatever they meant for it to do. Point being - I think that motivational poster is wrong. I think ideas count, even if you don't make anything of it.

Take the Theory of Relativity. At the moment, it's still a theory [an idea] because until some super genius comes along, the results can not be produced multiple times with consistent results. That's why it's still an theory, whereas gravity is a law. It can be proved time after time, and produce the same results. If you drop something, it falls. Always. Therefore, gravity is a law. Relativity is a little bit more tricky, and not always consistent. Therefore, relativity is still a theory. An idea.

I think ideas are just as important, if not more important, than the actions that come about from them. Ideas are drawn in our minds using imagination and logic, and if they didn't happen, a lot of things in our lives wouldn't be the way they are now. The apple would have hit Isaac's head and he would have thought nothing of it.

Take sliced bread. Seems extremely mundane. What came before sliced bread ? Just a loaf of bread you had to cut yourself. Somewhere a long the track, someone had an idea and decided to make a machine that slices bread. We now have sliced bread at our finger tips whenever we please.

You can see how some small idea manifested into a great invention, but it wouldn't have never happened had someone not thought of it. Ideas count. They count oh so much in life. How can they not count ? Without ideas, human beings would not have become what we are today. We would have starved to death as primates.

On a side note, my boyfriend just bought me the best surprise in the world. Quite possibly the best idea he's ever had. That's How to be Lovely - The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life by Melissa Hellstern. Michael [the boyfriend] is rather amazing. He's already bought me a pocket watch, which I longed for, for about 6 months, and now he got me this book. On top of that, he brings me McDonald's just the way I like it; a punnet of strawberries because they're my favourite fruit; and a Twix bar because it's my favourite chocolate. When I was sick, he brought me cups of tea to make me feel better, and laid beside me in bed while I felt disgusting. He really is a diamond in the rough. I love him dearly.

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