they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There was a butterfly in my room today;

Some people love birds because they have the gift of flight. But not me. I like butterflies better. It's really quite simple.

Butterflies can fly, just as birds can, but they're far more graceful and delicate about it. There's something magical about a butterfly passing you by. They're enchanting. They're incredibly beautiful and fragile. They have some amazing colour combinations and patterns on their wings. Some are designed to frighten away predators, some are designed to be alluring. But the most incredible thing about these elegant creatures is the metamorphosis they undergo. They start off as fuzzy little caterpillars [I like caterpillars too] and yet end up as beautiful butterflies. Caterpillars continuously eat until they reach the time to become cocoons. And it's this intermediate phase that amazes me the most. A caterpillar is transformed into a delicate butterfly, all the while inside that cocoon.

Nature takes something small and turns it into something incredible. It's truly fascinating, and all the reason why butterflies are better than birds. Plus, they don't have beady little eyes that pierce your soul, ha !

I think people are like that, too, metaphorically speaking of course. We go along merrily in our own little worlds just doing what we do. We explore everything and consume all the information we can. Then one day, it's like we suddenly decide it's time to withdraw into our cocoons. We start changing and growing, and become someone brighter. I think for humans, our metamorphosis is grown up from a child into an adult, and our cocoon is our teenage years. We emerge as someone so grown up. Some of us do this earlier than others, but we all do it. We all grow from someone small into someone great and tall [Ha, I rhymed, awesome]. I think my time to become a cocoon is soon. I'm really quite terrified of growing up.

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