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Friday, November 12, 2010

Day fourteen - A TV show you’re currently addicted to;

First and foremost, I hardly watch tv. I'd rather download anime and watch that instead. I've been watching anime since I was 16ish. Prior to that my attention was solely on gaming; Pokemon and Need For Speed Underground, to be specific. Hello, my name's Bianca, and I'm a huge g33k. Most of the anime I've seen has actually finished, which leaves me with two of the most popular anime series -
Naruto [both original and Shippuuden].

In saying that, I do, on the off chance, actually watch tv. There's one particular show I absolutely loveloveloveLOVE ! Beauty & The Geeks. I have a favourite beauty and geek, though they're not partners in the show.
This is Daniel pre-make over.
Say hello to the sex bomb that dropped in after his make over.
Yuh, you can probably tell why he's my favourite. That leather jacket looks mighty fine on him ;)

During the most recent episode, the geeks underwent a make over and then were auctioned off to single ladies for a date. Tamika was running the bidding on her partner - Thomas - when following went down -
/single lady bids $100
Tamika: A hundred ! A hundred in the front ! Does anyone want to to double that to... $105 ?
/silence so sharp you could hear a pin drop.
Tamika: My brain was in it's own little world, and it tends to do that a lot.
I don't think I need to further explain why she's my favourite. That, and well she's obviously got curves to DIE for. Oh, and the way she talks. There's something quirky about her pronunciation of words that I find adorable.

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