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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day nineteen – Your reflection in the mirror;

I've already completed one blog challenge, and it asked the very same question as today's. So, I'm going to link you to that previous post and then write something extra for today - Previous post.

This time I'll write on my literal reflection rather than my previous metaphorical one. I don't have much to complain about. I'm naturally skinny, my skin is clear and smooth, I have a shapely figure, it looks like I haven't aged since I was 18 [currently 22] and my hair is almost as long as it used to be. I'm a good girl and treat my body well. I usually eat healthily, drink lots of water/tea, and do yoga to keep flexible, balanced and healthy. I also go on walks with the boyfriend's mother from time to time. The only thing I'd ever change is maybe my tummy. I have a tendency to overeat and bloat like a puppy. I miss how flat it used to be, but I guess with yoga and some stretches, I can fix that myself (: It's still pretty flat anyway, I'm just being a sook about it.

Interesting fact of the day - My weight is around 48kg [roughly 105 lbs], which isn't a lot. I have a fast metabolism as I've been told by my doctor, so I'm constantly eating. I get insanely cranky if I get hungry and there's no food, which happens a lot on weekends. I could probably eat twice as much as you.

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