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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day seven – Your dream wedding;

Is it sad that I'm a girl and haven't fantasied about my dream wedding before ? Is it sad that, thanks to this blog challenge, I'm being forced to think about it ? To some girls, probably. To me, it's not something I want to get my hopes up for just in case it doesn't happen. I don't even know where to begin. Suppose a dress might be helpful, ha !
Just use your imagination, Bianca. It's not that freaking hard to play pretend once in a while.

Ahshit, I'm so not ready for this kind of thing.

Imagine this dress, but white, and minus the pregnant belly and HUGE knockers, and that's the sort of dress I'd want. I'm one for keeping things simple and classic. It's the perfect length, and the way the ribbon crosses over the front is amazing. My hair would most certainly be a lot longer than hers, in fact mine would be way past my boobs by the time I'd like to be married. And for the first time ever, I'd want my hair to be curly/wavy.

As for bridesmaids, I'd probably have two or three, I guess. Celeste would be my maid of honour, there's no second thought on that. She's my best friend, my sister and pretty much my other half. My husband-to-be better understand that he shares me with her, not the other way around. I'd probably want Kellie to be in my bridal party too, though I haven't told her this. She's been with me as my support when shit happened in my relationship with Michael from the very start [not saying that Michael's the "One" or anything, just saying she's been there for me] so it seems like the right thing to do. As for the other bridesmaid, if I choose to have three, it can be whoever I see fit at the time. Oh, and their dresses would also be floor length, slightly different design, and a warm peachy colour - not too pink, not too orange.

Location is important, yeah ? So... a garden's what I'd want. My "Happy Place" [the place I go to when I need to zone out] is probably the best suited for this kind of thing. There's an amphitheatre, a play ground, a pond with the occasional duck or two, plenty of parking space, and my favourite tree in the whole world is there. There, or the Botanical Gardens. That place holds so many good memories and is simply beautiful.

Religious free ceremony for me, thank you very much. I'm not religious, and I doubt the person I marry would be either, so it'd be short, sweet and simple. Don't ask me about my vowels, I have no freaking idea at this point, and I probably still won't if I do get married. I only want the most important people there for my wedding. It's not a popularity contest and I refuse to invite some friend of a friend just because we met once for 5 minutes 1385727562947239472 years ago. The music will most certainly contain Blink 182 and a bit of Parkway Drive here and there. Pluuuuus some nice pretty music to keep in the theme. It's my day and I'll have it how I want it.

I don't really care for the tiny little details so let's just leave it at that. Of course, this is very hypothetical so I don't even see the point. Woo for imagination.

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