they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day twenty five – Who are you?;

I guess every person has layers to who they are.

Layer one - on the outside.
Bianca Rose Addams.

23 June 1988, makes me 22 and I thoroughly hate it.

Current location:

Zodiac sign:
Cancer, the crab.

Layer two - on the inside.
Your heritage:
I was born in Australia so that makes me Australian. I don't care for my parent's Italian background.

Your fears:
Abandonment. Falling off the bed in my sleep. Making eye contact with strangers.

Your weakness:
I'm one of those people who can become easily attached to someone. In saying that, I can also detach myself from someone just as easily.

Find everlasting happiness and never ending love.
/vomit at my cliché answer.

Layer three - yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Your thoughts first waking up:
If I wake up next to Michael, my mind kind of goes numb with silence because I'm too happy to think about the rest of the world. If I wake up alone, I usually try to instantly forget whatever dream I had.

Your most missed memory:
There's only one. I miss the person I turned my back on.

Layer four- do you ?
Only when I'm incredibly drunk beyond memory. Shame on me.

Have a crush:
It's more of a love thing, you know (:

Think you've been in love:
Currently am, and plan to be for a long time.

Want to get married:
If it feels right, yes.

Believe in yourself:
Goodness no. Only the tiniest bit, in fear that I'll fail and let myself down.
No expectations, no disappointment.

Think you're a health freak:
HA ! No.

Layer five- in the past month.
Drank alcohol:
More than likely.

Been to the movies:
Yupyup. Michael and I go often (:

Gone shopping:
Will be today with Michael. Yay :D
Apparently he likes shopping with me, go figure.

Dyed your hair:
It's been over that I think.

Layer six - have you ever?
Played a stripping game:
Kings with Sammy always means people get naked. Oh, and strip poker but I fail every time.

Gotten beaten up:
Story of my childhood.

Changed who you were to fit in:
Kids used to make fun of me behind my back because I was "weird". By weird, they mean I played games and junk. I'm not like other girls.

Layer seven - getting old.
Age you're hoping to be married:
Mid - late 20s.

Age you're hoping to have kids:
Late 20s - early 30s.

Age you're hoping to retire:
Isn't there some law saying I can't access my superannuation until a certain age ? Or something like that.

Layer eight - what were you doing.
1 minute ago:
This. Obviously.

1 hour ago:
Sitting at the airport making sure my grandpa got on his flight okay.

1 day ago:
Yesterday I was... at home, doing nothing. Much like today, except today involves cleaning my room.

1 year ago:
This time last year I would have been at work, doing my work thing.

Layer nine - finish the sentence.
I love:
My family + best friends.

I feel:
Hungry. Boo.

I hate:
I have no time for hate.

I hide:
Other's secrets. It's the only time I have to lie, only because I promised I wouldn't tell. I'd rather be hated for not telling the truth than breaking a promise in these situations.

I miss:
My best friends. I get to see them tonight (:

I need:
A cup of tea, a maid to clean my room for me, and some pop corn. I'd rather watch Sleepy Hollow than clean my room. Merrrh.

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