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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day twenty three – 15 facts about you;

  1. My hands and feet are almost always freezing cold unless it's above 35 degrees Celsius.
  2. I've never had braces. My teeth have always been perfectly straight, and my dentist always compliments me on them (:
  3. I have always been this skinny, even as a child. My doctor says I have a fast metabolism, so I'll stick with that. I've had numerous blood tests and other random tests to see why I don't gain weight, but nothing has ever come up.
  4. My sternum is curved in towards my lungs and heart. It makes me rather self conscious and I'm always shy when I'm in a bikini because of it. I've had x-rays and whatnot done on it, and it's not life threatening.  I would have surgery to fix it but they can't promise to realign it perfectly straight again. Plus they'd have to cut through my tattoo, and I'm not having that.
  5. Phone calls make me nervous. I don't like that awkward silence and trying to find something to say to make it less awkward, which in fact makes it all the more awkward.
  6. I get envious, but not jealous. Envy and jealousy are two different things. I'm not selfish, so I hardly ever get jealous. Kellie's the only person I get jealous of, because she's so positive and happy all the time, and I wish my positivity would make me half as happy as her. But it's never in a resentful way, I love her way too much.
  7. I'm lactose intolerant. Yes, I still eat ice cream, yoghurt and the likes, but unlike an allergy, I won't die from consuming it. It just means if I have too much of it, I get sick. Intolerances can be weakened, allergies cannot.
  8. I can never let my arm or leg hang over the edge of the bed. I'm afraid of falling off the bed.
  9. I've been collecting movie stubs since about 2006. 2010 is by far the winning year.
  10. You'll find me sitting crossed legged most of the time. It's really comfy to sit like that, so I do. Even on desk chairs, which can sometimes result in falling off.
  11. I've been playing games since I can remember. I first had a classic Atari that mother bought from brother and I. Then came the classic Game Boy that father bought us, and from then on I've always loved Nintendo the most.
  12. I'm a light sleeper so sleeping on my own can be troublesome. So can sleeping next to someone who snores and rolls a lot in bed. I'm looking at you, Bradley, haha !
  13. I have not slept with my best friends Ryan or Bradley. Just because I'm close to them doesn't mean I've slept with them. I feel comfortable enough around them not to care about nudity or the likes.
  14. I have now entered into my second long term relationship. I don't know what makes me a good girlfriend, I just know that I am. I'm also not needy. Or at least I'd hope not.
  15. I'm 100% honest [not blunt], which can sometimes mean people hear things they don't want to. Don't ask questions if you're not prepared for the answer. On top of that, I also despise liars.

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