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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am furious George !;

Read me first !!

This article has made me furious. I'm not even kidding ! How fucking discriminatory and prejudice does she want to be ? I hope she gets a whole lot of hate mail her way, she deserves it. I'm actually offended that something like that got published. The Courier are a disgrace to the journalism world for allowing such putrid writing to be considered relevant ! So, what did I do about this ? I sent a comment. I don't know if it'll get published, I really don't care. I just want someone to wake up and realise how fucking rude and arrogant that article is.

"Wow, you couldn't be more narrow-minded if you tried. Still living in the 1800s, are we? It's 2010 for goodness sake! Tattoos are not just a form of cultural expression, but a form of art too. Not only is your opinion utter discrimination of the highest form, you're judgemental and prejudice towards people you know nothing about. They could equally say that because you're a woman, your importance in society is lower than a man's, and be "correct" - all because of outdated traditions that some refuse to give up. The sooner you learn to accept people without being a vain prehistoric fool, the sooner you'll learn to see that people are still people, no matter how they appear. Tattoos do not prevent a person from living a normal life, and to assume that any one with tattoos is somewhat lesser than you shows how incredibly insensitive and warped your idea of what an equal human being is."

I would have thought, reaching 2010, we'd be a more intelligent and accepting society than this. It's a great disappointment to see that someone can say something like that and receive praise for it. Excuse me while I go and conform to the "acceptable lifestyle" of the boring and self-righteous.

Go. To. Hell

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