they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Monday, January 24, 2011

Change of Pace;

My lovely friend, Hannah, created a YouTube account and has started her own vlog [video blog for those who don't know]. You can check her's out at For The Nocturnal. I figured if Hannah can do it, then so can I. Here's the introduction to my vlog. It's not very good and I had no idea what to say. I'm mostly doing it for the laughs and I probably won't take it as seriously as this. I'll probably vlog once a week, or something, about the day-to-day things that go on in my life. I'd appreciate some constructive criticism from everyone because, let's be honest here, I'm terrible at public speaking. If I had a choice, I'd rather write the speech and let someone else read it. Enjoy !

This is what I look like without my hair done or any make up on.
And this is what I meant when I said I'm social retarded.
I can't even talk to a webcam -_____-'

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