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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excessive Punctuation;

Nothing infuriates me more than someone who uses exclamation marks and/or question marks multiple times !!! You know what I mean ??? Like, seriously ! Knock it off ! You're really starting to annoy me, okay ? I hate you, I really do ! You seriously do not mean to exclaim every thing you say ! It's not like you're so enthusiastic about it !

Omg, I'm at the beach today ! It's so awesome ! Everyone should be here !

No ! No, fuck you ! You are not over-the-moon happy about it ! You're not !!!! Oh, and another thing ! I hate people who end sentences with smiley faces or exclamation/question marks, but never a full stop D: All of their sentences look like this :S It's confusing and annoying ! Do you have any idea how stupid you look ? No, probably not because you're an idiot -______-'

Look at that shit. It's an abomination on the English language. It's painful to read. The little voice inside my head that I hear when I read keeps yelling at me, or ending sentences with a high pitch as to question something that's really more of a statement.

How you made it through high school with literacy skills like that is beyond me, let alone actually graduate. People like you annoy the shit out of me, and I'd slap you if I could. Shame you're a good friend of mine and that'd be out of line.
Wait, no. Fuck you. Your literacy skills are out of line. I have no respect for morons like you.
I ! Seriously ! Do ! Not !

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