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Sunday, February 20, 2011

V-Day Nut Shell;

I baked Michael a heart shaped vanilla sponge cake, with a Harry Potter icing centre piece, and crispy M&M's boarder. The icing was a bit weird to eat, but an awesome decoration. Next time, I'm making the cupcakes for him (:

 I also made him a card that I coloured in with my crayons. FYI - Crayons make it incredibly difficult to colour inside the lines. I'd show you the inside, but I did a poor job at drawing us as stick figures. I'm not going to show it, haha. As you can see from the right photo, he liked his cake ;D

Michael took me to Dumpling King for lunch. Up until that point, he had never had dumplings before. He's never had a dim sim before either. We made a quick dash into Bread Top where I found this awesome chocolate doggy shaped cake.

We went for a wander around the Central Markets, where we found a lolly shop that sold American candy. Michael and I love watching The Big Bang Theory, and when we found Milk Duds, Michael got super excited. Ohyeah, he also bought a cultured milk soda from Bread Top. He said it tasted alright - I disliked it. 

We then went out to Black Market for drinks with friends. The back of the toilet doors have already been covered in vegan propaganda. I sent the left photo to my best friend, Celeste, for Valentine's Day ;D

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