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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oshawott :3
I recently bought Pokemon Black for my Nintendo DSiXL. I've been playing it almost every chance I've had over the past three days. Picking your starter Pokemon is always the hardest decision, even though tradition states fire is always the best choice, so I was torn to begin with.
I love grass Pokemon the most, so Snivy should have been my first choice except it looks like the snobbiest Pokemon I've ever seen. It's not cute like Chikorita was, or awesome looking like Bulbasaur.
Fire is usually the way to go, since previous games have had a grass gym leader as the first [fire is super effective against grass, for those who don't know], but I generally don't like fire type considering they're super effective against my favourite. Biased, I know. Whatever. The first gym leader is an interesting fight, and I can't tell you the reason why or Michael will get pissed because I spoiled it for him.
Then there was Oshawott. Look at him, he's so cute ! So I picked him, even though I hate water Pokemon like there's no tomorrow. You can blame Misty from the first series for that. I hate her.

Why I'm explaining this to you, I do not know. Point being, I picked Oshawott because it's cute, and I like cute things. Now you know why I haven't posted anything in a while, and why I probably won't frequently post unless something amazing happens that's not Pokemon related.

Oh, and do you know why I love Pokemon that little bit more ? Because it's a Nintendo product. SUCK ON THAT, SONY !
I like xbox, and it's hard not to like it since it's Microsoft, the online gaming community is bigger, and the FPS games [First Person Shooter] are better on xbox.

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about by the time you reach this sentence, check out Pokemon Black & White (:

P.S: I got a $201 phone bill the other day. I was the epitome of rage when I found out. At the worst of times too. I have Future Music Festival tomorrow, and then work placement for two weeks - the first week of which I will have no money thanks to that fucking shithouse phone bill. Pokemon makes everything better though. And it's even sweeter now that Michael's playing Blue on his Game Boy (: That is until he buys a Nintendo DS and the new Pokemon.

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