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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get the Fuck Over Yourself;

I am so sick of hearing this whole "Men vs Women" bullshit and how one gender has it worse than the other. SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP. Men and women are equally messed up in their own ways. Neither has it tougher than the other, and if you think you do, then you're a narcissistic whore.

Let's get one thing straight - both genders play the other for fools, and both genders sleep around needlessly and therefore are whores/sluts/whatever you want to name them - hussy, is my preferred term. Or tramp. The thing is, you're both as bad as each other. There are guys who sleep around, getting props for being a "rite pimp," and then there are girls who sleep around, getting shit for being a "true slapper." See, you're equal on that front, except for some unknown yet socially acceptable reason, guys get away with it and girls don't. Either way, you fuck each other over - both figuratively and literally.

I'll say this for both sides - we don't like it when our partner brags on about another person's body. If you have a girlfriend and you talk about how "bangin'" that random girl you saw at the shops was, expect to be dumped. If you have a boyfriend and you talk about how "packin'" that random guy you saw the beach was, expect to be dumped. Neither gender enjoys it when the other uses jealousy tactics. It's bullshit and needs to stop. Making your partner jealous will only further confirm their insecurities.

Don't play that "nice guy/girl" card on your best friend who constantly ends up being trampled on by the hot slut. Do you know why the "nice guy/girl" card fails on every turn ? BECAUSE YOU SIT THERE EXPECTING SYMPATHY FOR BEING A GOOD PERSON ! Fuck you. You want me ? Come and get me. Don't expect me to one day realise how fucking amazing you are and then decide you're the One for me. What a bullshit way to go about things. You're left on your own because you're too "nice" to make a move therefore rendering all future possibilities pointless. Oh, you're a "nice guy/girl" who's constantly there to support me, to be the shoulder I cry on, the person who holds all my secrets, the person I can be my complete self around ? That's sweet, but unless you show me some determination and strength, you're always going to remain the "nice guy/girl." Grow a spine and fess up how you really feel, or sit back and suck it up.

Nude photos, or at least sexually suggestive photos, ON BOTH SIDES is just as trashy and strips you of majority of your self respect. Do you have any idea what kind of message that's sending anyone who sees those photos ? A) You're easy. If you can strip for a camera, then stripping for me won't be a problem; and B) You think the only way people will pay you attention is if you're half naked. Wow, you mustn't have a lot of self esteem if you're lowering yourself to half naked photos of yourself. The reason why the opposite gender screws you over is because you subliminally tell them it's okay. If you want the opposite gender to respect you, then you first have to respect yourself. Your body is a temple, and if you let anyone walk through it, you're going to be left with foot prints everywhere. Clean yourself up.

Period pain and getting kicked in the balls are two separate kinds of pain. I cannot stress that enough. Period pain is not standard for every girl, so stop using that as your excuse for being a rude bitch. Getting kicked in the balls is the most painful thing every guy endures. Not every girl has acute period pain that causes them to shrivel up. Shut up, you pussy. You sound like a complete moron when you say things like, "Yeah, well imagine getting kicked in the balls several times over a week every month." Ohyeah, because period pain hurts so bad you can't breathe, you're about to cry, and everything hurts so bad you wish you could die because at least the pain would stop. No, no you fucking idiot girl. Shut up.

Just because women give birth does not automatically make us the fairer sex. How fucking stupid can you be ? Really. I shouldn't have to explain how stupid the idea is, and if you don't understand why - go kill yourself now.

Guys, what is seriously up with wearing your pants so low ? I don't see how showing off your boxers is attractive. I don't see how making it appear as if you've got the saggiest butt in the world is attractive either. It almost looks like you're wearing a diaper and can't pull your pants up because there's too much going on below. It doesn't make your "package" look better either. In fact, to make it look better, you should wear the tightest pants you can find to draw as much attention to it as possible. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Girls, why squish your boobs so tightly together that it almost looks like you're choking on them, or they're going to burst ? Guys like boobs, this is true, but you don't have to have them hanging out for everyone to see. Hey, there's nothing wrong if your boyfriend is a boob man, but be prepared - if he likes you just because you've got mountains on your chest, he's probably staring at every other girl with their mountains peeking out their shirts.

Point being - both men and women are equals. We both suffer pain, though of varying sorts, and we both act like total whores. Every person has their faults, and just because one person from either gender complains about how tough shit is, it doesn't mean it's always true. And in all seriousness, unless you've been the opposite gender before, and have experienced all that goes with that gender, you don't understand a single fucking thing.


  1. nice! love this post. =)

  2. Thank you (:
    It was really starting to bug me so I had to vent. Glad you enjoyed it.