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Monday, March 7, 2011

Love at First Beat;

Angus & Julia Stone dress ♥
I checked my emails for the first time in probably a few months and I noticed there was one from the Angus & Julia Stone crew. Their online shop is now open and you can see all their new stuff HERE (: The above dress is available [only in a L size, but shush, I'm still going to buy it] for only $30 ! Not only is it A&J Stone, therefore I must have it, but it's also incredibly cheap. Muuuuuuch cheaper than shithouse retail stores that'll charge me $50 for a dress of lower quality. And I know A&J Stone products are of excellent quality as I receive a free Lady of the Sunshine t-shirt when I joined the street team.

Oh happy days ! This made Monday rather excellent. Hey Michael, looking for something to surprise me with ? THIS WOULD BE IT !

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