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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow;

Disclaimer: I am writing this post on my phone as I'm at Michael's house and therefore do not have my laptop. If there are any mistakes, which I'm sure there will be, please ignore them. iPhone auto correct can be really mean at the best of times.

So, if you haven't read back far enough, you wouldn't know (unless we have each other on FB) that I've become employed recently. In fact, yesterday was my first shift. I was an absolute nervous wreck the night before, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat breakfast the morning of, and was so scared the moment the front door of my client's house opened that I didn't know what to say.

"Nobody's home. Go away."
She gave me an awful fright and I thought she'd be one of those angry elderly people. Good thing she was a lovely lady and enjoys an old prank here and there. She told me all about to her life over biscuits and tea, then we read magazines and ate ice cream. Mind you, I was getting paid $21 an hour to do so. Hell-fucking-yes !

I'm pretty passionate about my career and what I want to become further down the track. Becoming an Aged Care Worker is the first step. I think I'm going to do a Cert III in Childcare next, because as a community care worker I work with a variety of people, not just the elderly. Then I'm going to spend as much time as possible working so that I can save up loads of money. In 2012 I'd like to start studying for my Enrolled Nurse degree, which will then further allow me to study for my Registered Nurse degree. It'll be at that point when I finally reach what I know I'm meant to do for the rest of my life.

And because Michael knows how passionate I am about becoming a nurse, he bought me an early 2 year anniversary present. Don't worry, there's still another present for our actual 2 year anniversary celebrations, but that's not until 5th of May ;D

(I don't know how clear these photos are as I'm on my phone but hopefully it came out well.)
These are top of the line nurse watches. Extremely expensive for such a small thing, but ohbaby is it worth it. He went one step further and did something I never thought he would.

It's engraved with "Pocketz. Love your Bear." Bear is the nickname I gave him. Long story short - he's got a manly chest covered in hair that reminds me of a bear, and we like to cuddle often, so I called him my Cuddle Bear. It was then shortened to Bear because the cuddle part makes him sound girly and it's weird.

When I turned it over and read the engravement, I got all happy and then I started to cry. Only for a fraction, but I haven't been that happy in a very long time. I'm not ashamed to admit that either. Just goes to show how well he really does know me.

So there you go. Now you know what's happened recently. When I start getting regular shifts, I'll be sure to share my experiences with you (:

Oh, and one last thing. I have to vent this now or I'll explode at the next person who does it.
Can you PLEASE learn the difference between "brought" and "bought" ?
Brought is the past tense of "bring". Bought is the past tense of "buy". How fucking hard is that to remember ?! This is nowhere near on par with people who confuse their/there/they're or your/you're or even two/too/to. Those confusions are easily made because the words sound the same. Brought and bought do not. Get it right, assholes.

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