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Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's events in dot points;

[Because I'm far too lazy today to write them out properly.]
  1. Woke up at 4:45am this morning thanks to a rather painful stomach ache.
  2. Woke up again at like 8:30am-9:00am or something-a-rather when Michael txtd me goodmorning. How sweet.
  3. Found out I was home alone. King of the fucking castle !
  4. Also found out that Michael would be working late and therefore could not attend the exciting matter of buying fishes together.
  5. Had a lengthy hot shower. And I mean hot. My feet and bottom are bright red when I get out.
  6. Put my clothes on after changing outfits a billion times and then decided that I'd much rather leave my hair curly today instead of straightening it because, let's face it, I'm a lazy motherfucker.
  7. Instead of making my usual scrambled eggs for breakfast, I swapped for a cup or two of chai tea and some pumpkin soup that tasted way too tangy to be normal. I threw out the soup and nearly burnt my tongue several times with my tea.
  8. Watched an episode of Naruto while leaving my laptop to charge, because the motherfucker doesn't like to work for me when it's operating and charging. 
  9. Attempted to write a blog several times after my laptop decided it wasn't going to work. Refer to #8 as to why my laptop is a hormonal bitch.
  10. Got an extra two shifts at work which results in giving up my Easter Monday to help others. Good on me, yes ? ;D
  11. 2:30pm finally rolled around, mother came home shortly, and then I ventured out into the retail world that is fish shopping.
  12. Bought my fish tank from K-Mart [$29] and then walked out realising that I still needed an extension lead for the tank pump to have any sort of electrical power while in my room.
  13. Walking around in another shop whilst holding onto a fish tank draws a great deal of attention. I bought my extension lead from The Reject Shop for some ridiculously cheap price. I'm not going to tell you exactly how much because I like to be a mysterious asshole for no reason.
  14. Finally left the shopping centre and embarked on my 20minute or so drive to the pet shop with the better fish.
  15. Juggled around in my mind which cold water fish I was going to get Michael and I. There were these particular fish that I wanted, Panda Moor, but they were too expensive for first time fishes. I don't want to pay more for my fish than my tank and then have them die on me.
  16. Finally got home after driving all over the place and attempted to set up my tank, only to realise the instructions say to set it up 24 hours prior to introducing new fish. We'll see about that.
  17. Poured out the bag of colourful rocks that came with said tank only to realise that there weren't enough rocks to cover the bottom of the tank, let alone cover up the plant so it didn't look stupid.
  18. Made another quick trip to the pet shop to pick up two bags of tank rocks ($12), and returned home.
  19. The pack of new rocks said that you should thoroughly rinse them before putting them in your tank, but I'm a fearless bastard and decided to skip that part.
  20. Went up to my room to finish setting up my tank. The cupboard I've placed my tank on is slightly out of reach and I can't move it on my own so it's stuck making a hideous sight of my room.
  21. Remember how I skipped rinsing those rocks ? Being a fearless bastard also makes you a fool. The water I poured in ending up looking dark and murky.
  22. After spending more time than I would have liked rinsing those stupid rocks, I finally put everything back in, filled it up and turned on the filter.
  24. Ichigo, being the cheeky bastard that he is, decided to suss out the bag filled with water sitting on my bed. Good thing I jumped in between quickly or they'd have been an early dinner for him.
  25. I am now sitting on my bed, doing this, while that fucking filter is bubbling away and annoying me. Michael should be here soon, and I'm still yet to decide on what to have for dinner.
This is what Panda Moor look like. So pretty :3
My day was so tiresome and completely dragged out longer than it needed to be. I should have gone shopping and whatever earlier in the day. But like we all know, I'm a lazy motherfucker who sat on their ass all day instead. And I'm so foolish that I won't learn a lesson from this time and will proceed to repeat my slack behaviour in future. Thank fuck it's all over now.

Oh, and I realised something today - if a male comments/posts a status with several unnecessary exclamation marks, I have a tendency to read what they wrote in this high pitched choir boy voice. None of them deserve a testosterone filled voice inside my head if they insist on writing like an idiot.


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