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Thursday, April 7, 2011

We we we so excited;


I spent Tuesday photocopying 60 copies of my resume, then folding and putting them into envelopes so I could mail them out to the surrounding residential care places in my area. Yesterday I had a job interview for a community based place, and today I had a telephone interview with a not for profit organisation, which got me into the group interview in a couple weeks time.

Michael found out today that his hours at work are going to become regular so he'll be able to get proper sleep, and we'll be able to spend more time together. Plus, saving will become easier knowing he'll be earning the same each week. Moving out together comes next.

I'm seeing my best friend, Celeste, today for the first time in what feels like forever. The best thing about our friendships is the drunken bathroom promise we made almost two years ago. We promised that no matter what we'd always be sisters. Boys come and go, but we'll always be there for each other - even if we're too busy with what's going on in our own lives to see each other every day, like it used to be.

Finally on top of all my money. Keeping track of my phone bill so I don't end up with another $200 extra one. That was not fun and ruined my social life.

A while back the Attourney General tried to pass a new piercing law that prevented anyone under 16 years of age to get a piercing, even with parental consent. Today he passed the new piercing laws but was smart and listened to Out of Step [my extremely good friends and extremely skilled body piercers] and set the age of consent to 16 years for all non genital piercings.

City & Colour is in a couple of days. Sunday night actually. Super duper pumped for that. I think I may cry. Who cares. Dallas Green is an amazing man with an angelic voice. HQ will be transformed into a heaven come Sunday night.
The joke is that prior to HQ the nightclub, it used to be called Heaven. See what I did there. Ah, forget it. Adelaide people would find it amusing.

&&& it's not even 12.30pm yet. Sweet fucking Jeebus.

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