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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maybe it's just me;

But I've always wondered where my kitty goes when I'm not home. I've always wondered if he just sleeps and eats away his days. Or does he go out and have crazy kitty adventures ? I'd like to think he has these wild adventures while I'm out.

I bet he starts by exploring my backyard, sniffing his little nose at every nook and cranny, with his eyes wide open to take in everything around him. Then he'd go for a climb up some trees, and take in the birds eye view. He'd probably roam around on the roof of my house, seeing if he can chase any birds while he's up there. And when he can't find any birds to play with, he'd probably go visit his little kitty friends that live around the neighbour hood.

He'd probably meet up with his friends in a backyard. They'd probably play fight for a bit, then get down to serious business. They'd go to each other's houses, chill out, eat some food, have a nap and then go back to chasing birds. I bet he even has a little kitty lover living the next street over. It's probably risky to go see her. He'd have to dodge some puppies on the way, who snap at his tail trying to rough him up. I bet she's a pretty little kitty that's worth the tumbles with the puppies.

I wonder if he even visits another family. A little boy or girl, who give him lots of cuddles and play with him. They keep him inside at night so he can stay warm. They have their own name for him, and he fits in perfectly.  They spoil him rotten with toys and comfy beds to sleep in. They take silly photos with him and put them in frames around their house.

Then he'd come home to me. He'd hear the back door unlatch and then he'd come running back. He'd jump over fences, dodge puppies, say goodbye to his street kitty friends, and then come cuddle with me. He'd pretend like all he did was eat and sleep in the sunshine. He'd just lay in my lap, fall asleep and let me think his purring the most beautiful sound I've heard all day.

Today, I found out.

He goes next door. He probably doesn't have an adventure like I imagined. I wish he did though. That would be amazing.

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