they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You guys are on and off again more often than a hooker's panties;

Break ups are hard enough on their own without the complications of fights and unwanted outside input, but you're just being ridiculous now. People like you, especially girls like you, annoy the fuck out of me. Seriously, stop and think before you act.

In the very precise moment where your relationship dissolves into nothingness, you immediately jump the gun and do what every poor sucker out there does to show that they're "better off than ever before." You go ahead and delete all the messages, all the photos, throw away anything that reminds you of, or is associated with, the freshly announced ex of yours - even go so far as to delete them from your life in every social aspect possible. And you do this because you want them to hurt like you do. You want them to feel as insignificant and meaningless as you do. And your justification ? If they can throw you away like you meant nothing, then you can do the same.

It's all bullshit, really. I mean, who are you kidding ? You can't honestly think that works. Just because you wipe out the physical reminders of your relationship, doesn't mean you don't have an actual memory bank full of your time together. Are you going to get some sort of hypnosis to fix that too ? Stop being an idiot. You don't realise this, but you look more desperate trying to get over them than you would if you just let it happen naturally. Besides, you always go back and pick up the pieces once an apology has been served on a silver platter your way. It's pathetic in all sense of the word.

You're a walking, talking, bullshit breathing, contradiction. You're always going on about how if someone can't handle you at your worst, than they don't deserve you at your best - but you're not willing to do that for others. Especially the person you're in a relationship with. You refuse to deal with them at their worst, and so you rightfully don't deserve them at their best. Why the fuck do you think it always ends up in misery ? Because you're a fucking hypocritical contradiction.

Have you no sense of independence and of self worth ? Do you really think a break up justifies who you are as a person, or the quality of person you are ? Do you really think pretending like it doesn't hurt, putting on a brave face, and telling everyone you're "better off without them" is going to make you feel better ? It doesn't. It's meant to fucking hurt everywhere. All of you is meant to ache, and it's supposed to last a decent amount of time. Pretending like it doesn't hurt, like it doesn't matter is fucking low and pathetic.

If you honestly, really, truly, deep down in the bottom of your heart, actually cared about that person and wanted them back, you'd show it by keeping all of that around. Not by throwing it all away like the careless and inconsiderate person you are. You don't give a shit how your actions affect anyone, ever. You never have, so why should anyone expect any different from you now ?

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