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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Justin Time;

I finally received the confirmation email about my cosplay package. About fucking time. AVCon is this weekend coming [22nd - 24th July], and I was starting to stress my little beehive bottom off because I thought I was never going to get it. Thank fuck for that ! It's actually supposed to be arriving the 18th July, which is tomorrow, so that's brilliant timing. Now I can stop worrying and start finding the final pieces for the cosplay. All I need are toy versions of two Ingram MAC-11 machine guns, some red ribbon, and I'm all set. If per chance my cosplay package still isn't here in time, and let's all hope it is because I paid for express shipping and PayPal really doesn't want to deal with an aggressive nerd complaining about China taking their fucking slow ass time delivering my package, I still have a back-up. C'mon guys, this is me we're talking about; I always have a plan B up my sleeve.

Sunday just keeps getting better and better for me. Started with a sleep in, woke up next to my lovingly handsome boyfriend, had brunch with a cup of tea made for me by said lovingly handsome boyfriend, received my confirmation email, did some internet lurking on Matt Lewis [because puberty has never produced such a handsome gentleman as him before], and tonight is the night I burst out into tears for hours over the final Harry Potter movie.
I also managed to prove to myself two things - ignorance is indeed blissful but a lying hussy as well, and some things are better left unsaid.

Oh, and I also have Monday off, so expect an update of my last two weeks via a YouTube vlog. I'm having a queen size bed delivered, lunch with my school girls, waiting for my cosplay package like an abandoned wife waiting up all night for her cheating husband to come home, and then some time to enjoy playing with my new purple wig. I promise I'll squeeze in an update somewhere. I didn't update my vlog last week due to the fact that I'm too hyped up about Harry Potter that nothing else matters. I'm not sorry about that.


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