they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 11 - iPod on shuffle and write down 10 songs;

1. Stand Inside Your Love - The Smashing Pumpkins.
But for the last time
You're everything that I want and ask for
You're all that I'd dreamed
Who wouldn't be the one you love
Who wouldn't stand inside your love 

2. Stay With You - Goo Goo Dolls.
I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you

3. Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys.
Well fancy seein' you in here
You're all tarted up
And you don't look the same
Well I haven't seen you since last year
Yeah surprisingly
You have forgot my name

4. I Still Feel Her: Part 1 - Emarosa.
Her touch stills move my hair the smell is so faint but it must be the one
my bones ache from the cold
No one could predict that I would ever get this far (for so long)

5. Canned Heat - Jamiroquai.
Hey- dancing nothing left for me to do but dance
Off these bad times I'm going through just dance,
Hey got canned heat in my heals tonight baby
You know know know I'm gonna dance yeah
Off all the nasty things that people say.

6. Take Me Back - Story of the Year.
So take me back, back to better days
Cause this time between is wasting me away
Take me back, when we were not afraid
Cause this time between is wasting me away

7. Whatever Lies Will Help You Rest - The Ataris.
Waking to the after-taste
of cheap wine and bad decisions
my heart trembles in this morning prayer
I could shield my eyes
from this inner most seductions
but still somehow you found me there
and why don't we say what we really feel?

8. Samson - Regina Spektor.
You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

9. I Gave You All - Mumford and Sons.
How can you say that your truth is better than ours?
Shoulder to shoulder, now brother, we carry no arms
The blind man sleeps in the doorway, his home
If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won

10. Used to Get High for a Living - John Butler Trio.
Super size, large fries, big mac, coca cola
Go on man, pick your poison
Speed, weed, ecstacy, LSD
Man, it don't bother me cos we're all on something
Caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol
You know I'm clawing at the walls trying to get my fix
Prozac, ADD tablets, coke, smack
Now you know I am turning tricks cos

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