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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 16 - your views on mainstream music;

I'm going to list the radio stations I know of, and whether I like them or not and for what reasons. This will simplify things greatly.

88.7 Coast FM
My mother used to play this station in the car while I was at high school. It was boring and played terrible old music. The talk back was monotone and dribble.

91.9 Nova FM
I used to listen to this station when it played no advertisements. Then I realised they just played the same songs several times a day. This was only helpful if I wanted to hear a current song at a certain time. The talk back sections weren't so bad, but I'd rather not.

92.7 Fresh FM
I love my house and dance music when I'm out drinking. Mostly because I'm too drunk to tell if it's a really good song or something that's got a bouncy beat. The presenters obviously don't take their jobs seriously enough and I find it rather amateur. The music is all the same with no variety whatsoever. I've only ever listened to this station a few times, and each time I was bombarded with advertisements that ran longer than the group of songs they played.

102.3 Mix 102.3 FM
I cannot even begin to explain how much I loathe this radio station. Yes, it plays a wide range of music for all ages, too bad they're all terrible songs ! The talk back hosts drive me insane with their meaningless banter, and the advertisements are annoying. I would rather nail my foot to the ceiling than listen to Mix FM.

104.7 Triple M FM
Again, this is another radio station that I dislike an immense amount. The talk back hosts are horrible, the music is terrible, and I'd, once again, rather nail my foot the the ceiling than listen to Triple M.

105.5 Triple J FM
Now we're talking ! This is the only radio station I listen to. There are no advertisements aside from their own programs, there are no boring talk back hosts [minus Hack, because no one likes that bullshit drag], the music is always my kind of music, and they play a shitload of Australian music, which is fan-fucking-tastic. Unearthed High is a great program, and a lot of the artists they've picked up along the way have a superb amount of talent and potential. They always have the latest news on music, including smaller acts and large music festivals. The interviews are always relevant and interesting, and there's never a dull moment. They cater for all music tastes, with special programmed nights so you can tune in for the perfect sound. If you're an aspiring artist, this is the place to start. They're incredible. I love Triple J.

107.1 SAFM FM
Back in the day, when I only listened to pop music that played on Video Hits, this was the station I listened to. All the other kids at school listened to it, and so I could participate in conversations about music, I listened also. That's pretty much the only reason why I listened to this radio station. I don't anymore, and thank goodness for that.

107.9 Life FM
I've heard this station a couple of times by accident because some fucktard had messed with my stereo. It's boring, and if I'm not mistaken, a religious radio station at that. No thank you.

To be more specific about the topic of today; whatever you listen to has absolutely no affect on what I listen to, and vise versa. As long as I get to listen to what I like, I don't care if you like "mainstream" music. And furthermore, those people who call themselves "fans" until a band is played on "mainstream" radio really need to pull their heads out of their asses. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE AN ARTIST'S CAREER DEVELOPMENT ?! Honestly, I don't understand it. If one of my favourite artists was being played on "mainstream" radio, it wouldn't change anything. In fact, I'd be happier to know that more and more people enjoy the same music I do. I'd be happy for them to know they're making it big and reaching more fans. Isn't that what it's all about; to play music to people who enjoy it ? I think fans need to remember it's about the music, not the popularity.

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