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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Babbitty Rabbitty;

How tall are you?
You mean, how short ? I'm like less than 160cm. Teeny weeny, but I like it.

What book are you currently reading?
Lady Chaterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence. It was so saucy and naughty for its time that it was nearly never published worldwide.

Have you ever been in α car accident?
Only one that you'd consider serious. It was the accident that broke my nose for the first time.

Is something good going to happen tomorrow?
It's my day off, bruv. Of course it's going to be good.

What scares you more: snakes or spiders?
Snakes. They have a tendency to be in strike pose whenever I'm around.

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
A billion and one reasons. Anyone who has more than a child in a 3rd world countryknows they have reasons to be happy, even if they've just been hurt. There's more to life that that.

Could you go the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
If I wanted to, yes. But I don't. I like wine too much.

Hαve you ever lied to your pαrents?
I don't tell lies. Unless I'm at work and that's because it's ungracefully apart of my job.

Do you like someone, and does his or her name start with a R, K, D, C, or G?
Michael starts with a M.

Who was the last person who took a picture of you?
I'm going to say it was someone at work. That sounds really strange, but we were having an IT training session for the new PC Tablets we have at work, and they have a camera function. I'm actually super duper excited for these new Tablets. Going to make my job even more fun !

Are you gonna get high later?
HA ! No thank you.

How many people of the opposite sex have mαde you cry?
Uh, 4 if I seriously think about it.

Last place you went out to dinner at?
I went to my grandma's today for Father's Day lunch. They gave me $20 as I left for petrol. Uhwhut ?

Are you wearing jeans right now?
Galaxy leggings, actually.

Do you like guys who will do almost anything for a girl?
I like people who will do almost anything out of the goodness of their hearts for anyone who needs it.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and if you really want something bad enough you’ll get it?
Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. It's science, I can't argue with that. And as for the last part, it's more of a personal belief that it happens to those who deserve it.

Do you get jealous if the guy you like talks to other girls more then you?
Jealousy is not an emotion I've ever really associated with. Envy is different.

If you liked a guy, and he never felt the same for you would you still try to get him?
The affection I show to another person is something only for those who deserve it. I will not waste my time on shit people.

Do you think you know what love is?
I could write a whole spiel on what love is, but it'd only mean something to me. Love is a personal emotion.

Do you hate it when guys fight?
Anything negative towards another person is wrong in my eyes, even when I do it myself.

Did you ever pretend to like something, just to get a guy to notice you?
No. Never. If a guy didn't notice me because of how I am naturally, it's his loss.

When was the last time you were told you were beautiful?
I think this afternoon... ? Whenever Michael said it last. He calls me beautiful as often as I call him handsome, which is a lot.

Suppose you see your boyfriend kissing another person, what would you do?
I'd really like to say I'd walk up to her, slap her one, then punch him one, and storm off, but that's not my kind of thing... anymore. What I'm more likely to do is look him dead set in the eyes and tell him, "I'm not in love with you anymore."

Is your phone within a meter radius of you?
Less than 30cm.

What is bothering you right now?
I bit the side of my cheek eating my lunch too quickly. If I chew too quickly, I bite myself. This is why I'm the slowest eater you will ever meet.

I bet you miss someone right now?
You're damn right I do. That's because I have people who mean something to me in my life.

Are you high?
I've been high twice, and both times were bad experiences.

What is your favorite color?
Purple and red.

Is there a high chance of you going out to the movies soon?
I had the biggest urge to go tonight but Michael's working ): Maybe tomorrow !

Are you easily scared by horror/thriller films?
Hardly. I'd consider myself a horror/thriller movie buff.

If you were given $100, would you spend it, or save it?
SAVE IT. I have better things to spend it on that whatever my impulsive nature is telling me.

If there was a large spider in the room, would you stay?
I'd keep it within my peripheral eyesight. As long as it keeps its distance, I see no harm. A snake on the other hand...

What are you doing this weekend?
Tis Sunday, and I went to work from 7am until 12pm, I then went to Michael's house and spent some time with him before going to my grandparents. I am now at home being anti-social in my room.

Last place you went out to eat & with who?
I am going to say it was with Michael, and I think we went to Market 190 in McLaren Vale.

Where are you right now?
Sitting on my half made bed, in my messy room.

Are you listening to music right now?
I feel like a bit of quiet time.

Hows the weather today?
Today was such lovely Spring weather. There was a cool breeze, but the sunshine was divine.

When was the last time you were truly, completely happy with your life?
Never completely since that would leave no room for further happiness, but I'm always truly happy with my life. Why wouldn't I be ?
Anyone who says, "No," is one motherfucking liar, and an ungrateful one at that.

Could things possibly get any better?
Things can always get better (:

What are you thinking about right now?
My left ear lobe is itchy. I'm hungry again, even though I ate two hours ago. So glad I bought more pawpaw cream today. Michael's at work and I'm bored.

When was the last time you intentionally made someone cry?
Ohjeez, it's been years since I was that fucking heartless.

Have you kissed anyone in the past 5 days?
Today, weow.

Where is your mom?
Downstairs in the kitchen WHERE SHE BELONGS !
Nah, I'm kidding. All women jokes aside, that's where she actually is.

Do you live with both of your parents?
I haven't seen or spoken to my father in 13 years. And as soon as Michael turns 21, I'm moving out of home.

Do you smile a lot?
Every single day. Sounds far-fetched, but it's the truth.

Do you prefer call or text?
Text. I only call if I really want to hear the sound of your voice.

How many people do you trust 100%?
Larry, Michael, Ryan, Bradley, Celeste, Kelly, Hannah, Rachel. I'm fucking lucky to have them.

Do you wish at 11:11?
I rarely make wishes for anything. If I do, it's, "whatever my heart desires most," because I never know what I really want.

Favorite flower?
Tulips and roses.

Are you hiding something from anyone?
I'm not hiding anything from anyone.

What was your first thought when you looked in the mirror this morning?
Blah, at least my hair is okay.

Do you have long hair or short hair?
Past my boobs long.

Who is your favorite family member?
My brother because he's also my best friend. We get along the best.

When was the last time you cried?
HA ! I don't even remember.

Do you trust people easily?
I'd like to say no, but I do. I guess because I trust in the goodness of people too much, aha.

Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
Within the next couple of months.

Is your family just a bundle of fun?
Fun and family are two words I don't often use in the same sentence. Unless I'm talking about my boyfriend's family - they're amazing.

Do you laugh at all the wrong times?
I laugh all the time.

What was the last thing you ate?
I pretty much ate my body weight in salad when I was at my grandparents.

Would you prefer someone who is romantic or spontaneous?
They generally go hand in hand.

Are you tired?
Extremely, but I'm pushing through instead of napping because I don't want to wake up at 3am for no reason, again.

What kind of socks do you have on?
Bare feet.

Do you have any interesting bruises or scars?
I have this one scar, on my left pinky finger, that happened because my finger got caught underneath those automatic doors at shopping centres. I was 5, don't ask how it happened, it just did.

Would you date someone who smokes?
Michael currently does. No problems there.

Would you date someone who was addicted to drugs?
An ex boyfriend, and it's precisely why he's an ex.

Would you date someone who lived in another province?
I suppose you could say Michael does, sort of.

Do you hold grudges?
I don't have time for negativity.

Hugger or kisser?
I like both (:

Are you happier single or in a relationship?
I don't need other people to make myself happy. I'm quite capable of doing that myself.

What’s the most important thing in a relationship?
Honesty, trust, loyalty, commitment, love, open communication, lust&desire.

How important are looks?
Sexual attraction is a must in relationships, but I don't judge everyone on their looks. I'm not shallow.

Thing that made you the happiest today?
Waking up next to Michael and seeing him after work.
Also, my grandmother told me the secrets to making her food taste so good. She's never told anyone before, not even my mother. Taking that shit to my grave.

Would you fight over someone you wanted to be with?
I have. It was the last time I'll ever do something like that. If someone doesn't want to be with me, then that's fine. I have no other option but to accept that. End of.

Would you date someone a lot older or younger then you?
Michael is two years younger than me. Cougar !

Do you think the word ‘love’ is overused?
Depends on whether it's platonic or romantic. I don't overuse it, and the people who say it to me don't overuse it either.

If someone cheated on you, would you take them back if you really loved them?
I have already. It's extremely hard to do, and some people aren't cut out for it.

Who was the last person of the opposite sex you had a conversation with?
I went to K-Mart before coming home and spoke to the cashier boy, but I don't think that counts. I'd say my grandpa before I left their house.

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