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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double standards;

When it comes to parents, you always think yours is the worst. Everyone else seems to be crying about nothing while you're the only one with a legitimately crazy assed motherfucking parent. I dare you to challenge my mother's unbelievable double standards that I have to deal with on an almost daily basis.

Tonight, she added the icing on the cake. Previously, I would have let slip an incident like this, but considering what I've been losing the last few weeks, I think it's pretty damn fair that I called her out on it. Let me set the scene...

I came out of my room for the first time since being home, which would be after a possible 5 hours. I was on the phone to my friend who lives in Queensland, and because I'm a lazy fucker I had my phone on loudspeaker. It was roughly 10pm when I emerged and I proceeded to walk down the stairs. As I reached the bottom, out of nowhere springs my mother with a stern look upon her face.

"Keep your voice down. Someone's trying to sleep," she said as she ushered her gaze to the someone upstairs. Someone being her "partner" or boyfriend, whichever term suits you best.

Now, if you haven't known for some time, I've been having a great deal of trouble sleeping. It's not the falling asleep business I'm having troubles with, it's the staying asleep for long periods of time thing. I'm now taking sleeping pills in aid, and as far as I can tell, it's been the most effective treatment so far. Alas, there are some mornings where despite taking the sleeping pills, I'm being woken up well and truly before 5am because someone decides that it's an appropriate time of the morning to make a fucking shit load of noise. As if I wasn't having enough trouble on my own, I now have an asshole making things worse. And to top it off, they only got up to have a cup of coffee AND THEN WENT BACK TO SLEEP.
Like hell I was going to take that shit from her now.

"Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me ! So it's totally fine by you to make as much fucking noise as you want in the mornings, but I can't do the same at night ? Get. Fucked," I retorted.

Silence was but all that drew from her.
Yeah, that's right. I got you there, you fucker. I still cannot believe her utter disrespect for my presence, my equality, within this household. Yes, she's my mother and I should be thankful for everything she's done for me, and I really am, but this is outside of that. This I cannot ignore. There is very little within the world I know that makes my blood boil so rapidly as double standards.

Once upon a time, I felt absolutely awful thinking of moving out of home, because she'd be alone all of the time. Well, after the past couple of months, I couldn't be happier leaving her to her own devices. She wants a house where everything goes her way ? Fine. She can have the whole fucking house to herself. See how she likes that.
I give her two weeks, less, before she calls me asking me to solve another one of her blatantly stupid computer How To problems.

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