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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I've always wondered;

What it's like to be one of those girls who goes out looking for a new boyfriend. I've never done that, in my whole entire life. Sure, there have been plenty of guys I've seen while single and thought they'd be awesome to get to know, but never pursued them with the intention of dating them. I guess that makes me weird and unlike every other girl I've ever met, and that's perfectly fine. In all honesty, I probably haven't made enough girl friends to make an assumption like that, but from the ones I've known, they've all reached a point where they've thought to themselves, "I really want a boyfriend now." I'm not that kind of girl.

All my friends have said that I'm lucky since I'm so "attractive and good looking" that I don't actually need to try. Boys just come at me, and as much as some would like to think I enjoy it, I really don't. If I were single and ready for another relationship, I'd rather be out at lunch or for tea/coffee with a friend, where a male casually introduces himself in a rather charming way, who's suave and a smooth talker, as apposed to some drunken erect penis looking for a one night home away from home kind of thing. When it comes to meeting new people, I'd rather not have alcohol, or anything that alters a person's reality, be on the front of their face. You know, I'd like to know they'd remember me if I were to call them back or whatever.

I don't wonder about this sort of thing because I seek things outside the boundaries of my relationship, because that's not it at all. I'm perfectly content and happily in love with Michael. But you know, it always sparks my interest when I see girls putting themselves so blatantly out there looking for a boyfriend. It puzzles me.

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