they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things that went wrong today;

  1. I woke up feeling like absolute shit.
  2. I spent the better half of my morning routine laying in bed and lurking Facebook on my iPhone instead of getting ready for work.
  3. Accidentally raised my max bid to $150 on that typewriter, then filled out a form to have it removed.
  4. Lost my car keys [yes, I had a panic attack but I wasn't angry.]
  5. Left home 5 minutes later than normal and put myself behind schedule.
  6. Spilled my hot cup of tea on my hand while driving.
  7. Was running behind schedule at work also.
  8. Particular resident was being incredibly selfish and rude today.
  9. I was left in charge of the heaviest ward at work today.
  10. I lost my keys to my padlock on my locker for a good 5 minutes [yes, I went into panic mode again.]
  11. Realised I could put my heart and soul into being friends with you but you’d still snob me anyway.
  12. I had to hold a full bladder from 10am until 12:30pm because I was too busy at work to pee.
  13. The dickhead who basically boxed me in while I was trying to pump up my car tires.
  14. Knowing I wouldn't win that eBay auction on that typewriter because it became more expensive than I was willing to pay. Also, friend of mine has one she’ll sell to me so it works out.
  15. Hearing all about the great time I missed out on last night.
  16. Finding out that the free intro night to the dance course I’m interested in doesn't have an office open on weekends, and therefore I cannot check to see if there are any bookings free for me to attend.
  17. In addition, I cannot apply for the dance course because I don’t have a working version of Word on my laptop.
  18. As I write this, my stomach is eating itself because I’m starving.
Eighteen things went wrong today, and not a single one of them pissed me off. What a difference two solid nights of sleep make. Fingers crossed that sleeping the whole night becomes a regular thing once again. I’d like to stop taking the sleeping pills now.

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