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Sunday, November 20, 2011


So it turns out writing my book without the help of Word is rather difficult. I need it just to write down my notes, my characters, my synopses, everything. Once I have the outer working of my story down, I can start typing it out on my typewriter. The ribbon is worn and slightly dry, so I'm not wasting it during the brainstorming process. I need to get to know my characters and turning points inside and out before I can start filling in the minor details.

If someone knows where I can buy Word 2010 on the cheap, let me know. I'm not impatient. I guess the more time I have between now and when I get Word again, the more time the story in my head has to develop.

Mental note: in addition to buying Word, don't forget to process the film from your Lomo. Need to see how those photographs turned out.

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