they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Change is necessary for growth. You cannot become a better person, live a better life, or any of that shit if you don't change. Sometimes it's for the best, sometimes it's not, but it's all trial and error until you work out what works. People who think that by changing their location, their environment, their friendships, the dynamics of their every day life that they'll change really piss me off. That never works. Never. The only way any of those pointless attempts at bettering yourself actually work is if you change within. You need to change the way you see your location, your environment, your friendships and they dynamics of your every day life. YOU need to change before the things around you change.

It's hard, really fucking hard, to change who you are. All your life, this is the person you've always known, and if anyone knows you best, it's yourself. That's where your greatest strength for change is found. Inside yourself. You know what needs fixing, you know how to fix it, and you're the only who can. No one else around you can make the changes in your life effective except for yourself. After all, it's your life that you're living. You're the one who wakes up and faces the decisions you'll need to make for that day. You are responsible for what happened, what is currently happening and what may happen.

I know of a few people who run from their lives. They run away to new places in hopes that if they change the scenery, they'll change the problem, but that's not how it works. They've never thought for a moment that maybe, just maybe, the change that needs to happen is within themselves. Sure, life can be a motherfucker at the worst of times, but the only person who can let life beat you down to a miserable pulp is yourself. Change your attitude to the way things happen in your life and you'll see a change. You'll be happier, you'll smile, you'll feel like you can breathe, that the heavy weight on your shoulders suddenly has a billion helium balloons attached to it, easing the load but not removing it totally. Life could be a shitfuck load worse than what you currently have to deal with, so lighten up and make a change for the better.

Humans have a godridden awful habit of envying those who have better lives than themselves. It's not jealousy, because that would mean you think you deserve it more than they do; it's envy, because you want what they have. You want to be that confident and sexy person you secretly admire. You want to be that suave and well respected person you secretly idolise. You want to be that athletic and physically fit person you secretly use to fuel your determination. Stop watching them from the sidelines and fucking join them. Be confident and sexy, be suave and well respected, be athletic and physically fit; be all that you want to be so long as you're willing to change and work for it.

Change yourself and the world around you will change with you. Stay who you are and the world will stand frozen, unable to grow. You'll be stuck, dealing with the same shit problems you've always had, feeling the same shit way you always have, wishing you could live a better and happier life if only you had the strength to do it. You will always be a coward and weak in my eyes. The strongest people I know are those who survived change and made the goddamn best of it. It's up to you on what kind of life you lead.

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