they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Engagement party and Schutzenfest;

Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty much sums up last night for me. Michael and I started our night at his cousin's engagement party, where his mum kept giving me glasses of red wine. She then proceeded to tell me, once again, how she believes Michael and I should get married and have babies real soon. The slideshow of photos of Michael's cousin and her new fiancée sparked her up. Michael and I then decided to catch a taxi to Schutzenfest, which was roughly a 15minute taxi ride or so. That's when things got messy on my side.

I clearly remember saying, "I don't feel so good," which actually should have been the following words - "I think I'm going to vomit, pull over now." - but weren't. Poor choice of words on my behalf, which lead to involuntary vomit in my hands as I attempted to cover it up or whatever I was trying to do. It didn't work, landed all over the floor, my shoes, part of my bag, and then the whole side of the car frame where the door usually sits. $60 cleaning charge + fair later and we got out where we needed to be.

Michael purchased tickets for us to get into Schutzenfest, and then made us walk around to the wrong side because the entry point said, "No entry." Thanks to the genius who did that. No, really. I ended up crying the whole walk and blabbering on about how I was sorry for the vomit and taking $60 out of Michael's pocket. Once we finally got in, my two lovely best friends laughed their drunken asses off at mine.

I don't really remember much of this part. All I can recall on is wanting to sit down and sleep, falling to the ground, leaning on Ryan's leg, his hand gently brushing my head to keep me calm, and then someone helping me up since we were moving. Next thing I can sort of remember is putting my head down on the table, using my arms as pillows, and half passing out. I remember conversations happening but not well enough to know what they were about. Next thing, there's someone in a high visibility jacket asking if I'm okay and waking me up. The boys got me up and we started to walk, or at least they did.

Bradley had to pick me up and carry me Princess style to the nearest taxi rink, which wasn't even remotely close to where we ended up. I remember this part, and I told everyone that we were on Sir Donald Bradman Drive, and not West Terrace like we should have been. I mumbled it clearly enough that everyone just laughed me off. There was loose gravel in my shoes, so I decided to walk along the road that was clearly lined with parking lines to hail a taxi. Either Ryan or England kindly pointed out that I was actually just flailing around at random cars driving past. I can only imagine my performance from a bystanders position.

I don't know how but we finally hailed a taxi that didn't fit everyone, so a few of us chose to go in the first hoping the second lot would find a taxi shortly afterwards. I started to cry in the taxi because we were actually going back to Bella's house instead of our own, and I didn't know how we were going to get home the next morning or how we'd get Michael's car back [he parked in Glenelg at the engagement party.] I don't remember the taxi ride except for Michael leaning his head on mine so it would stop rolling backwards every time the driver accelerated.

Next thing, we're at Bella's, I'm walking inside and falling into Trevor's bed. I thanked Bella for the billionth time and then crashed and burned. I remember Michael crawling over me and cuddling me in bed. I woke up at some point during the early hours of the morning and found England and Brad talking. They showed me a video of England pushing Ryan over, which is hilarious and I'll have to upload later. England got my a glass of water, and while I was in the toilet, he accidentally walked in on me since I forgot to lock the door, then brought me a second glass in Trevor's bed.

10:30am and Michael and I finally decided to crawl out of bed. Bella gave us a lift home while England slept, and since then Michael and I have done nothing. Oh, except we did go and pick up his car then quickly retreated home. All I can deduce from last night's horrible performance on my behalf is that I have the most reliable, caring and loving best friends and boyfriend I could ever ask for. Even though they were all drunk and laughing at me most of the time, they made sure I was safe the whole night.

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