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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


1. Do you think it would be interesting to visit a zoo in every state, or would that become boring after a while because you would be seeing the same animals over & over?
I still go to the zoo in my own city, and the only thing that was new were the pandas. I love the zoo.

2. When was the last time you entered a contest / raffle / something where you could win a prize? Have you ever won?
I reblogged a Daisy Lola competition post before. I once won two anime based competitions in a month, which I thought was highly amusing.

3. How long does it take before your hand becomes tired from writing a note / essay / whatever?
If by hand, I get sore after a few pages. If I type it, never.

4. Is there something you make & eat so often that you know the exact time & temperature necessary to cook it?
Popcorn, without failure.

5. Do you call it a strainer or a colander?
Trick question; they're two different things. A strainer has a mesh net, whereas a colander is a plastic bowl with big holes.

6. If you had to endure 4 hours of listening to music by one of the following artists / bands, which would be hardest to endure? What about easiest?
a. Eminem - Easiest.
b. Backstreet Boys - Second easiest
c. Lady GaGa - Hardest
d. Katy Perry - Second hardest

7. Have you ever noticed that sweat smells similar to onions?
I disagree.

8. What is the dirtiest room / area in your house?
I'd say the corner of the laundry where my cat's litter tray is.

9. When you input your first name plus the word ‘is’ into the Google search, what is the first thing that comes up in the dropdown?
Bianca Isgro. Turns out to be some chick's name.

10. Do you care about celebrities birthdays? If yes, do you do anything to celebrate?
Because they care about mine so much~

11. What is the most common word you use for potatoes [potato, spud, tater, etc.]?
Its most common and correct name - potato.

12. Have you ever collapsed from sadness & just laid wherever you were & cried until you couldn’t cry anymore?

13. Do you feel claustrophobic in tight spaces?
If water is involved, then yes. Otherwise no.

14. What do you think is the scariest thing about the world?
The size of it and how much is out there.

15. What would you do if someone broke into your house at this very moment? Would you be prepared at all for something like that?
Front door is locked, motherfucker.

16. If I said ‘zitch dog’, would you have any idea what I was talking about?


17. Have you ever made a traditional snowman, with hat, carrot-nose, coal eyes & all?
I've never seen real snow.

18. Where is the ticklest part of your body?
My feet.

19. Is there something specific you do every day at the same time?
I probably pee at the same time every day.

20. Did you ever think a thesaurus was a type of dinosaur?
This is the dumbest question, ever.

21. If you ever became famous, would you be willing to let the public view your Tumblr?
It already is. Fuck, stupid question again.

22. Do you know anyone that keeps making the same mistakes over & over again?
I do. Sooner or later they'll learn.

23. Have you ever stood behind a podium? If yes, for what purpose?
Assemblies at school and shit.

24. When you clip your nails, where do you usually do it? Indoors, over a garbage can, outside?
Over the rubbish bin.

25. If you could go anywhere for a meal right now, free of cost, where would you go?
That ramen store in China Town, or Ginza with Michael.

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