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Friday, February 10, 2012

Handmade Pay it Forward 2012

Amalia made me this for the 2012 Handmade Pay It Forward. I wasn’t expecting anything in the post, and when the mailman said Bianca Addams, I freaked out because I never order anything with that name.

Basically, what you do is post this on Facebook and follow it:
Handmade Pay it Forward 2012:
The first five people to comment below get something handmade by yours truly. In return, you have to post this same offer as your status & send out some awesome handmade somethings to the first five people who comment on your status.
Two rules: must be handmade and must be received by end of 2012.

I’ll be posting it on Facebook later today when people are actually home so it doesn’t go under the radar. I can’t wait to make something for people !

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