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Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving houses while hungover is the worst idea.

Last night was my two best friends 21st birthday celebration - Ryan and Bradley. They decided to combine since it’d be easier on everyone’s liver and bank accounts, including their own. Unfortunately for Angela, this meant she was unable to celebrate her 21st on her actual birthday because the boys got in first. Happy birthday Ange !

We started the night at the RSL with free alcohol until the bar tab ran out, which wasn’t very long considering we’re all closet alcoholics. Celeste [the girl in the red above] and I attempted to take photos together with every single person we knew that showed up. We got about 1/10th of the way through, then gave up and had drinks instead. It was like 25 degrees that night, the air conditioning was that great, and everyone looked shiny because of sweat. Lovely.

Once everyone had settled in, the speeches came and everyone laughed at the slideshow of the boys when they were younger, drunk, and just being their normal selves. Both of the boys’ parents and family were there, and it was lovely to catch up with some of them whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. Everyone was rather keen to point out how cute and lovely my dress was, and I was rather blatant about how it kept falling down and my boobs were too big for it.

The RSL closed the bar off at 11:30pm, and everyone had to vacate by 12pm. In the mean time, most of us ventured to the smokers area, where I had way too many cigarettes to be acceptable. Michael pretty much had his entire pack that night, and Hannah gave me one of her Marlboro Ice Menthols that literally feels like you’re smoking a mint. At this point I had made plans to go to town with Celeste, Rachel, Hannah, Amber, “little” Hannah, and some others, which obviously did not go according to plan. When it was time to leave, Celeste and I got tired of waiting for everyone else, so we left. Our timing was horrendous as we found out that the last tram to town had actually left 15-30 minutes before we got there.

When we got back to everyone else, they had decided that walking to the Highway was a good idea. When we actually got there, the security wouldn’t let Michael in because he was “too casually dressed” for the venue. And by that, they meant his shorts. After about an hour of discussion, we all came to the conclusion that if Brad and Ryan were going to pay for everyone, Shotz would be our next destination. I tried to txt Rachel and the girls in town to find out where they were, but I got no reply. Saturday night was the first time I had been inside Shotz sober enough to see everything. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter how sober or drunk you are, that place is disgusting and smells of cat urine. I was over it the minute we walked in and made the logical decision to drink water seeing as their vodka is as cheap and nasty as Black Market’s.

Harry insisted that all of his drink glasses, and any that he could find around the place, would be thrown over the fence of the beer garden, which actually results in them being dropped into the underground car park next door. Some random German guy started talking to us, Harry got way too excited about languages and how “small” Adelaide is, and then took my camera so he could take photos of his throat :| I think we were at Shotz for an hour or two before we left. Ryan made us walk a good half hour because he was hungry and wouldn’t settle for anything less than Snag in a Bag, which was on the opposite end of the city.

We finally managed to hail a taxi after every single one of them either ignored us or picked up the people standing behind us. Fuckers. When we got back to Bradley’s house, I was too tired and sore from walking to continue partying, and so he let me sleep in the camper van. Said camper van was parked in his driveway. I obviously hadn’t planned to crash at his house, so I had nothing to sleep in but one of his shirts and my underwear. What I hadn’t noticed at night was that the camper van’s fly screen had holes in it. The heat combined with a dusty mattress caused my allergies to flare up. Both of my arms and the left side of my neck had welts all over the place, and I was either going insane from all the itchiness, or sending myself to burning hell whenever I scratched. I couldn’t win and waited to fall asleep once exhaustion had kicked in. I also hadn’t noticed that by having the fly screens exposed, it meant that you could see directly into the camper van, right were I was sleeping. My ass was exposed to the whole street.

All in all, the night was fantastic. What I didn’t enjoy at all was being forced into helping my brother move houses on Sunday, while severely hungover and in terribly humid weather. I’m just super duper glad that every weekend I have off from work is a 3-day weekend. I still have Monday to recover by, and then work Tuesday. Not everyone is as lucky as I am.

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