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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sooky lala

I love this photo of Hannah and I. I don’t know what we were laughing at but we thought it was hilarious. I like how happy you can see we are. She lives like a 2 minute drive around the corner and I don’t see her enough. She’s one of my favourites.

I have a terrible cramp in my neck.
I’ve just taken two Advils but I wish we had some muscle relaxers and not just painkillers. Or some Deep Heat or Metsal or something I could rub in so it’d go away quickly. I feel like I have a tension headache as well, from leaning my head to one side as to compensate for the neck ache I have.

Waaaah. Someone give me a neck rub or something. Having a sooky day. I just want more tattoos.

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