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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good times, good times.

Bonny’s 21st birthday was a costume theme party, without specifying a theme so I had to run off whatever I had in my wardrobe. I chose my Lolita cosplay because it’s simple and cute. No one had any idea who I was until Bonny mentioned that I’m ”Michael Rye’s girlfriend.” Everything clicked that moment forward. Becky and Scott came as the best dressed zombies I’ve ever seen, and Ricky was Edward Scissorhands. Bonny came as a fairy, which suited her perfectly. Belinda was a cat, which also suited her perfectly, ehe. Belinda and I left early because she needed a lift home, I needed a lift to town, and we both had to be at the same place at roughly the same time. Brilliant coincidence.

I don’t know how but I’ve found the perfect heels to wear out to town that don’t require insane amounts of alcohol to bare the pain. Saturday night was eventful, to say the least. Hannah vented to her heart’s content, Rachel’s new found self esteem resulted in random casual conversations with strangers, Belinda’s car sounded like it was going to fall apart on us, I stupidly went to Shotz twice in the same night, Jack enjoyed his 20th birthday, and I passed up a free shot of tequila. I had one drink the whole night. Just one.

We were at this shit club in Adelaide called “Apple.” It’s overrated, empty when we visited, and the music doesn’t cater to my taste. The dance floor was so sticky that not only did my shoes get stuck while dancing, they also stuck to the carpet while I was walking. Rachel and I got kicked out of the female bathroom for talking in there instead of using it for its correct purpose. I nearly fell asleep on Hannah’s shoulder while sitting on a couch-wall combo thingy that looked like a giant caramel chocolate couch-wall combo thingy. Dylan then carried me back to Shotz [I went to Shotz first to see Jack for his birthday but all of my friends were running late, so I left to find my girls.]

When we finally got back in, everyone magically showed up. I hate Shotz with a passion and refuse to pay for alcohol there, so I had to go without. Good thing everyone else was drunk enough to dance or I would have been bored out of my mind. Rachel took my shoes off while I was waiting for my feet to stop burning in pain, which resulted in a sudden inability to put them back on since my feet didn’t want to conform. I decided that dancing with no shoes on, in a dirty dirty club, with all my best friends, on a dance floor that was covered in spilt alcohol and scattered with plastic cups that people had dropped was the smart thing to do. Ryan was drunk beyond comprehension and we spent our time screaming lyrics to the songs playing and subtly recovering/saving each other’s lives from slipping on the wet floor.

Rachel, Hannah, England [Daniel,] and I caught a taxi back to Rachel’s house. I tried to sleep with Belle, her new kitten, but that thing likes to leave me and then cry out in the hallway for no apparent reason. She spent the morning sniffing my left eye and then my nose. At one point, I think she fell asleep with her nose touching mine. She may have been annoying that night, but fuck me, she was cute that morning. I felt severely hungover Sunday morning even though I didn’t drink. Suppose it was the lack of sleep and getting home at like 5am even though I had nothing to keep me going. Michael and I went to his parents’ house for a bbq dinner - I love not having to cook when I’m hungover.

Monday rolled into town and then I got all excited because it meant Future Music was happening. Day weather was roughly 30 degrees or so, but the night was going to be 14 degrees, so trying to find an outfit that worked for both conditions was a pain in the ass. We tried to get there early, but like always, the whole getting through ticket/bag check takes more time than it really should. We saw Jessie J, Gym Class Heroes, Fat Boy Slim, and The Wombats. I smoked too many cigarettes for my liking [as per usual,] we found some friends that we didn’t know were going, paid $13 for a 9” pizza, ate partial frozen Zooper Doopers, sat down long enough for our legs to get sore, and danced and sang along to all The Wombats’ songs. We also made fun of all the skanks and poorly dressed people at the festival.

It was roughly 11pm by the time we went to bed. I hate falling asleep with wet hair but I unfortunately had no other choice last night. I woke up with limp and ick feeling hair - never doing that again. I managed to wake up and get ready for work within my time frame [an hour] even though I felt like fucking death warmed up. I don’t know how Michael managed to get to work today, or even do overtime. He’s worked something like 11 hours today on hardly any sleep - what a champion (:

Oh yeah, we also saw Skrillex but no one gives a shit. He was disappointing.

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