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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adventure time !

I realise it's been a while since I did a proper personal post, instead of constantly updating all of tumblr about my meaningless bullshit. A few weekends ago Rachel, Hannah and myself took Heather out for a touristy day. We started out at the Animal Expo where we got to play with so many kitties and puppies :3 Heather and Rachel held a snake, and I petted it, which is a big achievement for me since snakes usually gives me the creeps. Hannah let way too many dogs lick her face [she's a dog whore now]; Heather and I laughed at the kitty with the squished face; Rachel enquired about Sphynx breeders in Adelaide; we saw Doctor Harry for a little bit; I got my face painted; we originally mistook the Home Makers Expo for the Animal one when we got there; and we finished up the expo but wandering through the Arts and Crafts expo that was next door.

After the Animal Expo, we ventured out to the Big Rocking Horse, which is a pretty damn big steel frame Rocking Horse in the middle of fucking nowhere - you can climb up all the way to the top, which is a few stories high. It was cold and windy, we had rather large handbags with us, and there were too many children around for it to be peacefully enjoyed. We had lunch; climbed this fucking scary Rocking Horse; made it to the top and then instantly regretted it because climbing down was a fuck load scarier; noticed a couple of signs that frightened us a bit; got back down and collected our "certificates"; and then wandered through the animal sanctuary. Rachel bought some animal feed and we made friends with a sheep that we stupidly named "Baaaaaaab." Baaab [for short] followed Rachel around the whole park because she was the one with the food. There were peacocks, wallabies, ducks, and an Emu that made the most frightfully deep drumming grunt noise I've ever heard. It was weird and reconfirmed why the fuck I hate birds [with the exception of Owls and Peacocks because they're pretty birds and everything else is ugly, okay ?]

We then drove to the Whispering Wall, which is a massive dam that allows two people to talk while standing at opposite ends. It's hard to explain but yeah. When we arrived, we could hear this kid on the opposite end of the wall shouting, "SCHNITZELS !" constantly. I don't know if it was because of inbreeding or because he was obviously from a dero family, but it seemed like he had no idea how the fucking wall worked. You're meant to stand next to the wall, speak like normal, and the person on the other fucking end can hear you. If you shout, you're missing the goddamn fucking point. Heather, Hannah and I just tried to ignore him and his disgusting family while we were trying to talk to Rachel. It would have been much easier if that fucking little shit kept his mouth shut, but what else could we do. Upon leaving, this shit-for-brains kid started getting really racist towards some Indian and Chinese people who were keeping to themselves and not at all disturbing the peace. In fact, the only person making everyone feel fucking uncomfortable was this Caucasian kid spouting racist slurs as he walked past.

On the way home, a rock flew up from the side of the road and smashed Rachel's windscreen. It created a little rainbow-like crack in the window, and we all laughed about how it might have killed Hannah if it had hit the window a little higher. When Heather and I got home, we laughed about all the little inside jokes we had made, and Michael spent it being confused because none of it made sense to him.

There. Proper personal post completed. Michael's coming home early from work because he's sick, so now I get to look after him for a few hours before going to pay the water bill and my first Personal Trainer session at gym this afternoon. Bootcamp might actually kill me tomorrow, who knows.

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