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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rachel's birthday adventure !

So Saturday night was Rachel's birthday celebration night, and we ventured to HQ for the beginning of the night because it's cheap and Heather had never been before. We ended up staying most of the night. I drank a half a bottle of nasty red wine before leaving, some vodkas+cranberries and skittle bombs there, then danced more freely than ever before.

On the taxi ride in, Rachel and Hayley (I have no idea how her name is actually spelt so I'm going with the common version I know) screamed so loudly that the driver pulled over. There was a spider no bigger than a 20cent piece on the window. Dylan casually crushed it with his hands, we continued on with our drive in, and then Alannah (once again, going with the common spelling) and Rachel noticed that our driver was taking one of the longest possible routes in. They both got snappy and it ended up costing us an extra $10 because he screwed us around.

I bumped into a few people I knew, Rachel found Corey, and then I realised that an old friend, Michael, was with him. I wore flats so dancing wasn't a problem for me, but Heather paid the price for heels. I have to admit, that girl has legs like I've never seen before. We spent a great deal of time in the rnb room with Trev. Afterwards we were dancing in Soho and spied a girl who was clearly off her face on drugs - she was staring into a mirrored water feature wall (hard to explain), kept putting her hands into the water, stared at her own hands like she had no fucking clue what they were, and then finished up with glares to everyone around her. Her friend obviously noticed she was giving away that she took "little pick me up" and pulled her away.

We didn't leave the place except for one time; to visit Tequilarea for happy hour. 2 for $10 shots ! Heather and I had two rounds of gummy bear shots and a round of mango tango shots. I forgot how much I love that place. The night rolled to an almost close when Soho and the smoking area was shut off. We spent a good hour or so in the main room, where Rachel and Corey danced on one pedestal area thingy, and I dance on my own while Heather stood on the floor next to me because her feet hurt too much to stand up with me.

I think it was like 6-7am before I went to bed after everyone left and we made it back to Rachel's. We left hers at like 12pm, got home and crashed. I think I got about 3 hours sleep or something like that. I usually have Sunday and Monday to recover with, but work stole my Monday for training; it was super hard to get through without wanting to fall back asleep.

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