they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's been a while.

Can you whistle?
I hate whistling more than any other noise on this goddamn planet. But yes, I can.

Scariest thrill ride you’ve been on?
Scooby Doo Scary Coaster in Movie World on the Dream Coast. I don’t like rides all that much.

Where is your favorite place on earth?
Right here in Adelaide’s pretty damn cosy, but I would love to be in Japan or Fiji.

Whats the last song you danced to?
Some shit in the car while I was waiting in the drive thru lane at KFC.

Ever had a stalker?
I had a pervert video caller, who used to call me at ridiculous times of the day/night and out his video phone on to him wanking. I used to leave my phone going for hours just to run this cunt’s phone bill sky high.

Do you own a bike, rollerblades, or skates?
I used to own a bike and roller blades, but no more.

Whats your schools mascot?
Religious schools have patron saints.

Play any sports?
Not anymore. CBF.

Ever been to a concert?
Ever inhaled oxygen ?

Who did you last hang out with?
I’m chilling in the lounge with Michael and Heather right now. Ichigo is being mean to me.

How much is your car payment?
$123.70 or something a fortnight plus interest.

Favorite thing to do in the summer?
I live for summer, so everything you can’t fucking do in winter.

What about in the winter?
Winter can eat my shorts.

Something you hate to do?
Put up with shitty people and their shitty double standards.

Last thing you looked at?
Lapytopy screeny.

Last thing you spilled?
Cup of coffee at work. It’s not breakfast time unless I spill something.

Who knows you best?
Larry and Ryan, plus Celeste. Michael knows me well, but not nearly as well as the other three.

Last time you were in a tanning bed?

Who was the last person that messaged you?

Last thing you put in your hair?
Leave-in moisturiser.

Do you own any Barbie’s?
No thanks. I never really understood the doll thing. I had my PlayStation at that time.

Ever had a pogo stick?
God no.

What credit cards do you have?
Zero, because one loan is enough.

How many kids do you have or want to have?
Two-three. But that’s not for another several years.

What did you do today?
Worked, home time, KFC, relaxing.

What do you do when you are upset?
Write aggressive blog posts and yell at them. Or ignore them. Whichever is easier.

Are you keeping a secret from someone close?
Nahmang. I have no secrets.

Have you ever led someone on?
Unintentionally, probably.

Do you like to swim?
At the beach or gtfo.

What’s the last thing you drank?
Vanilla Coke though I’m craving a chai latte.

What would be the best gift ever?
Check my wishlist

Do you prefer to talk on the phone or text?
If I like you, I’ll endure talking on the phone. I mostly txt.

Do you believe in global warming?
Summer barely even happened in Adelaide. Shit’s real.

What is your favorite farm animal?
Giraffes live on farm, right ?

What is your current mood?
Chilling out while having an anxiety attack in the back of my mind.

Who do you admire?
Audrey Hepburn.

Which celebrity would you like to swap lives with?
Kim Kardashwhatever because I’m a talent-less bitch as well.

Are you bringing sexy back?
I never let it go.

How many best friends do you have?
Larry, Ryan, Celeste, Bradley, Michael, Rachel, Hannah, Kelly.

What was/is your favorite subject in school?
Biology and Hospitality.

Do you sing in the shower?
Nope. I run through possible arguments I can have with certain people so I can be sure to come out on top.

Who do you plan on voting for?
I vote for the greens.

What are your thoughts on animal testing?
No thank you.

Are you photogenic?
People say I am but I swear I have ghastly angles.

What are your favorite outdoor activities?
Hitting the beach.

Do you believe in aliens?
Whether they exist or not alters my life in no way.

Do you wish on shooting stars?
I don’t wish for anything. I make things happen.

Where were you born?
Adelaide, Australia.

Favorite smell?
After the rain. Food cooking. The way Michael smells. Cups of tea.

What noise do you currently hear?
Typing and Michael’s playing Harry Potter Lego on the xbox.

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