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Monday, June 25, 2012

So I'm legally 24 years old now. Ew.

Michael took me to Melbourne for my birthday and literally paid for everything. The flights, accommodation, all meals and pretty much everything else that had a dollar sign attached to it. The hotel was so lovely and nice, minus the stupid bitches next door who I swear to hell don't know how to use their inside voices, or recognise what time of day it is because one should not be shouting at SIX FUCKING AM ON A SATURDAY MORNING. The room was much smaller than we were expecting, especially since it was a 5 star hotel, but we had a balcony and it had the perfect location, sooooo.

First thing Friday night after we sorted out room, we hit Lord Of The Fries, which was auhmazing except I couldn't eat all of it for some reason. We stayed up until 12:05am so we could celebrate my birthday by falling asleep straight after. Our sleep was disturbed by those annoying loud bitches but we got over it. We left Saturday morning to get coffee and chai lattes. As much as everyone raves on about the shopping in Melbourne, I have to disagree.

I don't give a shit what anyone says about Melbourne shopping; it's shit and overpriced. I spent almost all of Saturday down at the Queen Victoria Markets, Burke Street Mall, Myer's Basement section, and various other stores and not a single one of them had what I was looking for (or did and was some ridiculous price). I'm more likely to find what I want in Adelaide and for the price I want.

Anyway, we then had lunch at this really nice and relaxed pub across the road from the Aquarium. I took more of the Aquarium than I did of anything else. I took my film camera so there are a few more on there but I won't have those photos until the whole reel of film is used and developed. After the Aquarium we went to a rooftop bar, which was awesome. I had a Rekorderlig Raspberry and Mango cider with freshly squeezed lemon and Michael had a cider of some sort. We spotted a double rainbow and then left because I was getting rained on in the face, and I hate that shit. We passed an Asian store which had photobooths in it, so of course I forced Michael to take photos with me.

The hotel had a restaurant in the basement so we headed there for dinner. $145 + plus the best meal and bottle of wine later and we were happy. My lactose intolerance did not agree with my crème brûlée dessert, but I didn't give a shit because it was actually the best I've ever had. Sunday morning we ventured back down to the basement restaurant for our complimentary breakfast. The food was so yummy but I was disappointed in myself for eating the fatty bacon and eggs first over the fresh fruit and cereal. I don't know why, but the tea I made didn't taste right. I've always had problems with the taste of Melbourne water but it wasn't ever enough to distort the taste of my tea. Alas, I only drank it because I felt bad for wasting it, even though I didn't eat all of my scrambled eggs and bacon.

We walked to Southern Cross Station afterwards, caught the shuttle bus to the airport and waited for our flight home. After we had checked in our luggage, we decided to get some coffee and chai latte again, which was stupid because we forgot you have to walk through security before getting to your terminal. I don't know if you know, but the Adelaide Airport is smart about their security placement. You walk through the metal detectors first and then you can buy whatever you want. Melbourne is the other way around, which is highly annoying because we realised after we had walked through that there were coffee shops on the other side as well. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it; Tullamarine Airport is a fucking joke.

Sunday afternoon we arrived in Adelaide and the weather was so nice. It was sunny, it wasn't icy cold, and there was hardly any wind ! Michael's mum picked us up, gave me the present Michael's nanna bought me, and then I picked up Ichigo from mother's house (because I had sent him there for the weekend. I had no idea if Heather would be home all weekend and I didn't want to leave her the responsibility of feeding my cat). Michael's nanna called me later that night and sang me Happy Birthday. It was the sweetest thing ever, and her money box gift was super handy since I had heaps of loose change from the weekend.

There was also some sex scrambled in there, but you won't want to hear about it.

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