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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Productive Thursday day off~

Ever fight in a church?
My school forced students to attend church regardless of religious views and so I rebelled on occasion. Most times I just slept through it.

When was the last time someone said you were hot?
I don't know. Michael used to say I was hot when we first started dating, but he calls me beautiful and sexy more often. I prefer it that way.

When did you last lie with a straight face?
When a resident with Dementia asks about their deceased husband/wife, in most cases I have to lie and say "they came to visit yesterday" or "they'll be in later today to see you." I can't tell them the truth as it'll start the grieving process all over again. I hate lying to them, but it's for their own good, honestly.

What is the most money you have spent on a gift?
Couple hundred or so. If I had to count up all the gifts I bought Michael, it'd be over $1000.

Ever taken pictures you regret?
I assume you speak of n00dz. I couldn't give a shit if my n00dz ending up all over the internet. The more people who think my body rocks, the better my self confidence gets.
Would you rather live in the country, city or suburbs?
I live in the burbs and I like it. I'm close to the ocean and that's all I care about.

Last time you were truly in love?
Currently am. 3 years down.

Do you think all guys think with their little head?
HA ! No, I don't. If you wanna fuck, then fuck. Who gives a shit.

Ever take money from a stranger?
Uh, no. Never been in a situation that called for it.

Who is on your mind right now?
I'm thinking about my new laptop and how long I'll have to wait to get it. I just want it nowwwwww.

Do you think piercings are sexy?
I hear a lot of people say that piercings and tattoo are sexy, and I understand their attraction to it, but it's not a definite thing for me. It's your body, do what you want with it.

Who did you last curse at?
I cuss/swear/curse all the time for no real reason. Just because.

Do you donate blood?
I'm more likely to be on the receiving end of donations than the giving. My blood isn't even good enough for my own body.

Are you religious?
I was born and raised to be a good little Christian girl, though I chose my own agnostic paths because I didn't like it. I live my life for happiness. I don't need God(s) to validate my existence.

Where did you graduate from?
St Mary's College.

Do you like your job?
I love it though it's only a stepping stone. Hopefully in the next 3 years I'll be a nurse and living the dream.

What is your heritage?
My family line comes from Italy. I was born in Australia so I consider myself Australian, not Italian. I'm second gen born Australian on my mother's side.

What is your favourite kind of music?
Whatever suits my mood. I like most genres.

Are you healthy or do you have medical problems?
Oh jeez. I have anaemia, iron deficiency, smaller than average red blood cells, sensitive skin, asthma, pectus excavatum and some related health issues with that (finally have a name for it !), lactose intolerance, depression, anxiety, weak lower back, mild knock knee (genu valgum) aaaand I'm sure I'll end up with early onset osteoporosis due to lack of calcium as I was growing up. I think that's everything. I am 100% positive that there's something terribly wrong with my liver though tests come back clean. I've been harping on about it since I was a kid, and when the day comes that they find something wrong, I'll be all like "I TOLD YOU SO !" even though I really wouldn't want to celebrate being right about it.

Oh, and my displaced septum issue that I've already spoken about in a previous personal post !
What was the last youtube video you watched?
I don't know. Something with Jenna Marbles I think.

Do you have any ridiculous fears?
Abandonment. It's not necessarily ridiculous considering my upbringing but it's ridiculous in the sense that I know it won't happen though I still think it will. Heights and deep water also, but a lot of people are like that.

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen on the internet?
Oh, I don't know. I never looked up blue waffle though.

What should you be doing right now?
This seems perfectly fine.

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?
Other people.

Do you regret doing anything over the last week?
Heck no. I don't regret anything.

If you could have any type of superpower, what would it be?
Telekinesis and telepathy.

Who will be the next president of the United States?
I'm Australian, but I'm going to say Obama's having a pretty good run.

When did you last have a great kiss?
This morning, during sex. BOOM.

What was the last thing you purchased?
Gym membership took the last of my money.

What are your current goals?
Get through 3 years of University without going broke, insane, or ruining my relationship.

Ever see the 2 girls 1 cup video?

What so far is the single best moment of your life?
Ah shit man, that's hard to pick. Having Ichigo come home with me after surgery when he got hit by a car was a pretty big deal. It was good to be with him and know he wasn't going to die.

Do you watch the Olympics?
I don't watch tv.

What do you do to try and help the environment?
I recycle and reuse almost everything I can. I buy organically if I can. Little things.

What is your most favourite meal in the world?
Right now; Miso ramen.

What do you think of guys that wear pink shirts?
The same as I think of anyone wearing pink - I hate that colour.

What is your favourite breed of dog?
German Shepherd or Pug.

Is there a celebrity that you don't understand why they're famous?
Any celebrity that doesn't have a talent.

Do you dislike any celebrities?
My life doesn't revolve around them. I couldn't care less.

What do you think of dating someone you meet on the internet?
Michael and I spent a greater portion of getting to know each other via the internet. We met in person but most of the time we talked was either online on in txt form.

Do you return purchases back to the store often?
I don't think I ever have.

Is there any TV shows you wish were still on the air?
Nothing downloading them can't fix.

What is your favourite smell?
Good food cooking, the way Michael smells, the way everything smells after the rain, freshly washed hair.

How do you feel about the cost of college tuition?
I'm not sure I understand it completely or if it's even a thing I have to consider when going to University here.

What hobby would people be surprised that you enjoy?
Gaming, though for most people it's not a surprise. Everyone at work thinks I'm some super nerd because I like anime and games. Probably because I have a vagina.

In the last year have you learned or improved on any skills?
Oh yeah. I got my cert III in Aged Care, I have my first aid cert, manual handling cert, and work is constantly training staff in new shit. I love it.

Are there "friends" in your life that you wish weren't in your life?
Fuck off. I don't bullshit people. If I don't like you, we're not friends or "friends." You're just some random shit person whose life has nothing to do with mine.

Is there any accent that you find sexy?
As long as the words coming out of your mouth are sexy, I don't give a shit.

Do you prefer yellow or white gold?
I prefer silver actually, but white gold is nice too.

Do you know what your birth flower is?
I'll google it now. According to it's a rose. My middle name is Rose. I should have known.

Would others say you are open minded?
I suppose they would. I don't knowww.

Do you honestly consider yourself a good friend?
I am lazy in every aspect of my life including maintaining friendships. When I do it right, I'm the best fucking friend ever.

Are you looking forward to anything that is happening in the next 24 hours?
Michael said he was getting Hungry Jack's for dinner. That's exciting enough for me.

Have you ever set up friends and they ended up together long term?
No. I don't like to meddle.

If you could have any person in the room with you right now who would it be?
All of my best friends would be ace, but Michael will do ;D

What were you doing right before you started this?
Watching Michael play xbox.

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