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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rape is rape.

Sometimes, I honestly believe that some people have trouble accepting what rape truly is; and I believe it’s because the moment they accept that rape is rape, they realise they might have, at one stage, raped someone, and that makes them feel uncomfortable with the word “rape.”

If you participate in sexual activities with another person who at any point during the act refuses or wants to stop, anything you do from that moment forward is rape. If you use guilt trips to make someone “consent,” it’s rape. If you keep going even after they said, “stop, no, please don’t,” it’s rape. If they’re in a situation where they’re unable to give consent or refuse (asleep, drunk, passed out, etc) and you do something, it’s rape. There are no grey shades to this.

If you have sexual activities with a person who does not give consent or is in a state where they are physically unable to refuse, you raped them. End of fucking story.

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