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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today has been exhausting.

I had a student on placement with me today. A co-worker was called yesterday about extending her shift and she accepted. When we looked at our roster for the day, her name was crossed out and they had an agency staff on instead. A whole heap of confusion went on but we sorted it out soon after. I was put in my least favourite ward but the day went quickly. The student I had was great. Well, as great as students can be. She’s been on placement for three days now, so I kind of threw her the reins and let her actively do things. It was so strange to be in a room and do nothing but supervise.

I’ve never been given a student. Not for a full day. I’ve babysat a student while my co-worker disappeared but it was only brief. Apparently I make a good teacher because I explain things clearly. I don’t think I do. I think I talk too much. Too much shit for my own good. I suppose receiving a little “award” at work for being stellar at my job meant they thought I could handle teaching. Wasn’t so bad in the end. And hey, I’ll take an extra pair of hands on the floor any day. Especially if we don’t have to pay them ;)

P.S: I got my STAT results in the mail today. Coincidentally, a co-worker and I were talking about waiting for results today when they told me I could go online and check before the letter came. Turns out the letter was already waiting for me at home. I'm not really sure what the scores all mean, and the website doesn't explain much further, but I hope I did well enough to get into my course. Waiting for the Uni offers is going to kill me.

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