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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Work today was so interesting ! I did some training on what we call “Complex Health” at work. Basically, it means we do health therapies for our residents; things like heat packs, massages, manicures, foot spas, and various other things. I learnt how to collect and microwave the heat packs (there are set rules for this to avoid hurting people), some basic massage therapy (until I do my massage course (weee, more impressive things to add to my resume)), experienced a hand wax (you coat your hands in paraffin wax, leave it for the heat to penetrate your joints, remove it, and then massage the hands), how to prepare and run the foot spa, documentation (super important), and how to manage my time wisely throughout the day. There are a lot of brackets in that paragraph, phew~

Point being; we spoil our residents rotten at our facility because we want them to have the very best care possible. Now if only we could get the bitching and bullying under control between co-workers. And maybe if I could get my regular shifts back in the wards I like as well. That would be nice.

In all seriousness though, I fucking love my job. I am going to miss the shit out of my residents once I become a nurse and move onto bigger and better things. Waaaaah, I’m so lucky to have my job.

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