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Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Sammy Sam Sam !

So Sunday night was Sammy's 21st birthday party. Almost all of my friends were there, which was bloody fantastic considering I hadn't seen most of them in months. There was a bonfire, loads of people drinking, hardly any light or seats, so many jokes to be had (and new inside jokes made), chips to snack on that Rachel and I brought, and great music. I don't actually remember singing Happy Birthday to Sammy but oh well.

Rachel and I spent most of our night talking to Celeste (who somehow lost her phone) next to the fire since Taylor wasn't there, Hannah was on her dinner date, Michael was at work, Anthony wasn't there, and Trev was at another 21st birthday. England gladly informed me that he’s booked in for his turn at the STAT for uni (fingers crossed he gets in!) and showed me his new stitches from the previous weekend’s accident, Harry and I caught up about everything as we do, Ryan showed me his terrible new haircut, Brad showed me his new tattoo outlines, and Jane and Larry sat near us talking about whatever.

Trev showed up after a while, so we sat with him and England. Hannah eventually showed up with her new date-guy-thingy-whatever Pascal, who is super nice and Rachel and I liked. He took Hannah to a Japanese restaurant and the food they had looked delicious. She sent me photos because she knew I’d enjoy them. He’s into anime as well, so bonus points for him ! Michael came shortly after work and he spent most of his time hanging out with Ryan and whoever else.

Trev, Rachel and I went back to Rachel’s house later since we were all tired, and we pretty much crashed instantly. I don’t even remember what time it was. Celeste text me at like 1:40am to tell me that she found her phone. It was in the car the whole time, ha. Michael text me at 8:30am and woke me up. I couldn't go back to sleep after that since Chuck (Rachel’s dog) kept me awake. Hannah came over earlier that morning and we got cheese and crackers with wine as a lovely Sunday Session Recovery. It was fabulous.

I came home with a headache and a thirst I couldn't seem to quench.

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