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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday's bbq.

Yesterday’s bbq was great ! I bought a whole chicken for 4 of us to share but I ended up eating half of it because no one wanted the last piece and I’m a fatty. Hannah and I blew bubbles with our bubble wands; Rachel and Izzy tried to kick the footy around; Anthony and Craig kicked the footy around most of the time; Dylan cooked the food; and Sarah and the rest of us girls just sat around talking about shit. Michael obviously didn’t come because he was hungover, and the guy Hannah’s dating didn’t come either because he had been busy all day.

We were only at the park for an hour before it got fucking cold. A couple of my fingernails went blue and we were all shivering. Poor Izzy wore shorts because it had been warm during daylight and didn’t have time to change. I took my “new” film camera in hopes that I could chew up the remaining film in it so I can get it processed. I’m not even sure how they’ll turn out, but the film is Kodak and it looks like a recent roll of film because it’s not an older style. IDK. I’m just looking forward to seeing what’s on it.

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