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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We have a house inspection on Friday.

Need to clean the house before then. Seriously can’t be assed, but since we’re about to start the process of extending our lease, it’s probably best we keep up the good shit. I don’t mind cleaning the whole house - I’m fine with the vacuum and mopping - but I am desperately seeking out an alternative to cleaning the bathroom. It is the one room, in any given house, that I fucking loathe cleaning. I cannot stand it. Wiping down the bathroom sink area drives me nuts. I’d rather scrub the toilet clean.

Ugh, and I have to clean up all my paperwork that’s floating around on my side of the bedroom. Noooooooo. I hate cleaning up after myself yet I am the laziest fucker I know. I do this to myself every goddamn time.

I need a maid.

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