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Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday night’s antics were so much fun, even if I have bruises and scratches in places I don’t remember hitting.

Saturday night was Hannah’s pre-birthday drinks. Her birthday is actually next weekend, but Rachel has an engagement party to go to, so we moved it to the weekend that just went. Hannah, Trev, Rachel, Paschal and myself went to Rachel’s house for pre-drinks. We ended up playing Kings since Paschal had never played before. Trev drew the Joker twice, and by our rules, it meant that he got to make up two rules. The first was that you had to drink with the opposite hand, and if you didn’t you had to drink again; the second was that you weren’t allowed to use words with the letter E in them, or you had to drink. I drew a 7 (the card that allows you to leave the table) and stuffed it in my bra. Every time Rachel tried to steal it from me, I fought her off, except for one time where I bit her because she wouldn’t give up.
I managed to vomit a little bit thanks to Rachel’s disgusting performance of picking her nose and eating her snot. I literally stood up and vomited in the garden 0.3 seconds after she put her finger in her mouth.

We got two taxis to town since there were 5 of us going and no mini buses available. We met at Maccas on Hindley St, where I stuffed myself with a cheeseburger for the first time that night. We discussed where to go since Hannah hadn’t really picked a place and settled of Zhivago. Paschal wanted to go to Casablabla, but Rachel didn’t want to because she didn’t like it there. Rachel wanted to go to Rocket Bar, but we decided against it because you have to line up to go out and smoke (yeah, right). On our walk to Zhivago, I suggested the Duke, since we completely forgot it was up the street. The line for Zhivago was super long so we quickly made a run for the Duke. We paid $8.30 for vodka, which is fucking bullshit; danced enough that I managed to hit the wall and table or whatever drunk shit I did; took some photos; requested Get Shaky for Hannah’s birthday, but the DJ said he had already played it so he said he’d play something else for us; bumped into a few friends that were there for their birthdays; sat in the beer garden until the band left; then decided to go somewhere else.

I’m not entirely sure on the order of events from this point onwards so forgive me if I get them wrong. We then went to Maccas again (?), stuffed myself with another cheeseburger, and then I think we chose to go to the City Nightclub because it was down the street and we didn’t want to walk far. We paid to get in; got 2 free Skittlebomb drink cards + 1 extra free choice drink card because it was Hannah’s birthday; danced a shitload; requested some songs; sang at the top of our lungs; aaaaaaaaaand danced with the pole on the stage because I could.

I think we then went back to the Duke, where we met up with Anthony and his work mates. We danced some more and had a few more drinks out in the beer garden. They closed off the beer garden shortly after we got there so we chose to leave again. We went to Club 58 (/shudder) only because Anthony’s friend could get us in for free and we had nowhere else to go. I’m pretty sure this is when Paschal and Hannah left us (or something) so it ended up just being Rachel, Trev, Anthony and myself. When we got to Club 58, the DJ recognised me from the Duke, so he let Rachel and I up onto the DJ stand where we could dance. He played us some songs that we requested and gave us shout outs continually.

Rachel’s feet began to hurt so we decided to go home. We walked down to King William St to catch a taxi from the rank. When we got back to Rachel’s, Paschal and Hannah were still awake, so we just chilled out together. Anthony practically passed out in Rachel’s bed as soon as we got there. We laughed some more; Rachel fell asleep on the floor in front of the heater; and Trev almost had to carry me to bed because I was too drunk and tired to move myself.

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